Dimepiece Magazine Looking for Sponsors, Artist, and Models

We would like to introduce to you The 2009 Dimepiece Magazine Issue Release & Model Search Tour hosted by Tila Tequila brought to you by Dimepiece Magazine and Moodswing360.com. Our target audience based on our research will be comprised of men ages 18 – 35 & women ages 18 – 25 of mixed racial & ethnic backgrounds. These individuals will be of mixed socio-economic backgrounds ranging from the high school student/graduate to the college student/graduate and inclusive of the urban professional.

We seek to align ourselves with partners who share the same common demographics in an effort to effectively promote the tour regionally or nationwide, through multiple mediums.

Marketing and Branding Opportunities

To ensure that this tour is successful, we will embark on a multi-faceted integrated marketing strategy that will encompass the usage of newspapers, magazines, online social networks, radio, television, etc. Your generous sponsorship would be highlighted by (depending on level):

    • Your product and/or logo featured on event press advertising or releases
    • Placement of banners/posters as part of the back drop at the event, doors, walls, stages, etc.
    • Company Logo Ice Sculpture
    • Logo insertion into any official promotional materials.
    • Product or company name insertion into press and MC scripting where applicable.
    • Your promotional material/products displayed and handed out
    • Logo insertion into any official multimedia and web-related media.
    • Product or company name insertion into internet blogs and forums.
    • A CD containing photos of the events in each venue during the tour will be made available, showing where your product or logo has appeared, along with copies of press and other written material.
    • Your company ad in an issue of Dimepiece Magazine
    • We also can provide a model search to find a model to feature in the ad of your business that will be placed in our magazine.

The cities that will be targeted are:

Washington, DC

New York, NY

Chicago, IL

Los Angeles, CA

St. Louis, MO.

Louisville, KY

Detroit, MI

Cleveland, OH.

Houston, TX

Charlotte, N.C.

Atlanta, GA

Boston, MA.

Miami, FL

Philadelphia, PA.

Las Vegas, NV

Nashville, TN

Jackson, MI

Phoenix, AZ

We recognize the extremely important role of partnering with businesses and local organizations in each area to make these types of events a success. We are soliciting the sponsorship of your business to make this an enjoyable series of events and with your generous support, this can happen.

The success of our plan is based on the joint efforts with a diverse group of committed individuals and companies such as yourself. I would be most appreciative of a telephone call to let me know of your interest.

Please see the attached documents for information regarding sponsorships. For additional information or if there are any questions, you may contact for a special rate KLASSIK CEO OF THE FLEET DJ COALITION AT (973) 296-2109 OR DJ PROFLUENT (919) 917-2901


Michael Niles

Marketing Director

Dimepiece Magazine

About Dimepiece Magazine

Dimepiece Magazine is the HOTTEST & SEXIEST magazine to ever hit newsstands. Our publication fuses music, models, fashion, & entertainment together to create a very attractive and entertaining publication. DPM appeals to both men and women by adding very tasteful content, customized special features, sexy but classy model spreads, providing expert advice on relationships, and focusing on areas of interest that relate to our consumers. DPM has the hottest celebrity interviews, the uppermost echelon of models, and the latest in fashion, while at the same time premiering and showcasing up & coming talent in the entertainment industry.

We have separated ourselves from the others by adding small, creative, and very influential components that will have readers impressed and feel like they have a magazine that is always creatively on point. With all these important key factors combined, we have formed a one-of-a-kind magazine that caters to more consumers than ever.

Tour Information/Details

With the success of our publication and the years of prior marketing and branding we have developed a large fan base. Along with gaining readers, we have become one of the magazines that models work hard to be featured in. Based on those two key factors, we have decided to create this tour to promote the brand, as well as our new issue with celebrity cover girl Tila Tequila, and also give models the chance to be noticed and possibly featured in the magazine.

This tour will not only serve as promotion for us, but will also be a way to promote other brands as well. We have decided to reach out to brands that will benefit from this tour by creating affordable packages that you will be able to choose which one better fits your needs.

  1. The tour will kick-off in Miami and end in Los Angeles.
  2. Los Angeles, Miami, and New York will be red carpet events. (other cities may also be)
  3. Will be hosting Dimepiece Magazine Issue Release & Model Search in each of the 14 cities in popular clubs/venues.
  4. Event hosted by Tila Tequila and Jay Walker (Owner of Dimepiece Magazine)
  5. Tila Tequila will host and perform 1 – 3 songs in each city
  6. Will be giving out ALL promo material of sponsors at each venue
  7. Will be taking photos at the event with backdrop with sponsor logos
  8. Will be filming pieces of entire tour for upcoming dvd, YouTube, etc. to be used to promote our future events and tours and given to all brand involved for their promotional use as well.
  9. Will be promoting prior and during the tour on all affiliated sites, myspaces, flyers, email blasts, text blasts, blogs, radio, etc.
  10. Will be contacting other media sources like media takeout, bossip, etc to cover events.
  11. Will be inviting all celebrities, athletes, artists, models, etc we have relationships in each city to enhance the appeal of the events.

Sponsorship levels

*There are other custom packages available that we can provide for different states, regions, etc, to fulfill your promotional needs. Please contact us for these custom packages.

We look forward to talking with you. We hope that the vision we see and work hard for delivered clear to you and will spark and interest to do business with us. We greatly appreciate and thank you for taking the time to read about our tour and publication.

Contact Us



973-296-2109 | 919-917-2901

Please check out our sites for information, updates, pictures, tours, parties/events and up-to-the-minute information!

Dimepiece Magazine




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