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Sept 22, 2009
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Pioneer DJM-5000

Music Publishers: iTunes Not Paying Fair Share
Songwriters, composers, and music publishers are making preparations to one day collect performance fees from Apple and other e-tailers for not just traditional music downloads but for downloads of films and TV shows as well. Those downloads contain music after all. (CNet)

RIAA Asks Schoolkids To Assist With Propaganda
Last week, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) announced an update to Music-Rules!, its flagship “curriculum” for teaching copyright law to schoolkids. (Electronic Frontier Foundation)

Pioneer DJM-5000 Professional Standard Mobile DJ Mixer
The Pioneer DJM-5000 offers new features such as multi-zone entertainment, three microphone inputs, Advanced Talk Over, 96kHz / 24-bit sampling, Sound Maximizer, MIDI mapping capability and a built-in sound card.

Mastering Different Zones
The DJM-5000 features two flexible output modes: multi-zone and standard. In multi-zone mode, the mixer’s outputs can be dedicated to multiple audio sources and distributed to two different areas or rooms. For example, this groundbreaking feature allows DJs to transmit music from a separate source such as an MP3 player to a lounge or cocktail room while simultaneously outputting high-energy music from digital turntables to a main dance floor. Similarly, broadcasts from a microphone also can be selected to transmit separately to two different zones, allowing MC performances or announcements to be tailored to the appropriate areas. In standard mode, all four audio outputs are directed to one area such as a main dance floor.

Turntablism Innovator & Deejay Icon Roc Raida Dies
Awaiting final confirmation, artists and associates including Da Beatminerz and Busta Rhymes have stated that turntablism pioneer and instructor Roc Raida has died this weekend. The New York-based deejay was most known for his years with the award-winning X-Men (b/k/a) The X-Ecutioners. (HipHopDX)

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Video: DJ Hero – Daft Punk Trailer
Having already locked up endorsements from two of the biggest names in hip-hop – Jay-Z and Eminem – the makers of the upcoming music video game DJ Hero turned their attention to recruiting some of electronic music’s stars. Mission accomplished: Daft Punk will bring their trademark beats, disguises and awesome set designs to DJ Hero (due October 27th), along with 11 exclusive mixes that merge the French duo’s biggest songs with tracks by Queen, No Doubt and Young MC. (Daily Motion)

Villalobos: The Movie?
We’re not quite sure what to make of this one. Apparently there’s been a documentary made about Ricardo Villalobos, premiering at this year’s Venice Film Festival, featuring footage from Panorama Bar from clubland documentary filmmaker Romuald Karmakar. (Resident Advisor)

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THE HAÇIENDA’S Egregious Merchandising: A Bespoke Bike Frame
“What a f@#k up we made of it. Or did we? Sitting here now I wonder. It’s 2009 and the Hacienda has never been more well-known. This year we celebrate 21 years of acid house and we are holding Haçienda nights across the UK and have merchandise deals for CDs, t-shirts, shoes, posters, even a bespoke bike frame and a fine art project. Where will it end?” (The Daily Swarm)

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Dixie Dance Kings / DJ Times Chart (Mainstream)

College Music Journal – Hip-Hop Chart (Hip-Hop)

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Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart (Mainstream) – Top 10 – Top 20 (Reggaeton)

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Video: CDJ-2000 Introduction

Pioneer – Darwinian Fanboys
48 hours after the dawn of the news species, I’ve had some time to break through the sexy images, Youtube vids and PR ridden with bold claims, to take a cold realistic look at what the new CDJ-2000 and 900 offer – other than being shiny pretty things that empty wallets. And being treated to a presentation at the Ministry of Sound, I’m now a hell of a lot clearer on what Pioneer are trying to achieve with this release. And it’s much less about the hardware and a whole lot more about the whole DJ workflow. (Skratchworx)

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Introducing the CDJ-2000
As predicted, Pioneer has released its answer to the emerging controller market, the CDJ-2000-an impressive and ambitious piece of kit with a comprehensive list of features the company hopes will address most modern DJ’s needs. Is the 2000 just what the market needs or a little too late? You will be the judge of that. (DJ Techtools )

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LMFAO-In Your Town, B@#ch!
The Party Rock Tour, produced by Live Nation and Moodwing360, is not just a show-it’s a completely new concert experience! For their first U.S. headlining tour LA based electro hip-hop duo LMFAO are creating a non-stop party of continuous music open to all ages. Along for the ride will be Far East Movement, Paradiso Girls, and performing live will be Lady Gaga’s DJ, Space Cowboy. Million $ Mano will be spinning in between sets so the party never stops. It all kicks off November 5th in Reno, Nevada, at Pearl at Grand Sierra. Find out when the party will rock your town, and then immediately go buy tickets! Get all the info at (The Telegraph)

You +1 could party for free with celebs at the first Cristian Rivera Foundation Gala.
Renowned NYC event promoter John “Gungie” Rivera started the Cristian Rivera Foundation in memory of his 6-year-old son, who died from a brain cancer known as Pontine Glioma. A star-studded charity gala in Cristian’s honor will be held on Tuesday, September 29th at Manhattan’s Eden nightclub, with celebrity appearances and performances. They’ll include Vic Latino, John “Jellybean” Benitez, DJ Camilo, DJ Tedsmooth, and Funkmaster Flex. For your chance to win tickets, email with the subject line “Insider Contest” by Thursday, September 24th. The winner will be notified Friday, September 25th. For more info, or to purchase tickets, visit

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The Legendary New Music Seminar Comes to Chicago.
What separates the biggest DJs from you is only the number of fans they have. Growing and managing your fan base is the cornerstone of your growth. The New Music Seminar focuses on new techniques and technologies to help you build and monetize your fan base to the maximum. Attend the New Music Seminar in Chicago on Tuesday October 6th and you’ll leave with the knowledge, tools and connections to explode your career NOW. This affordable one-day seminar will blow your mind and change your life.

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Social Networking Only Works When It’s Real
You’ve got thousands of friends on Facebook and have gamed your MySpace plays up to the tens of thousands. But it’s not translating into people coming to shows or ordering a t-shirt. Perhaps, as marketing guru Seth Godin suggests, it’s because your social networking isn’t real. (Hypebot).

DJ Expo

DJ Expo Was Last Month, But the Phenomenal Deals Are Still Here
DJs in the know come to DJ Expo each year because it’s where they get the best deals on everything DJ. Even though this year’s show is over, some of the companies that came to DJ Expo still want to keep making phenomenal deals. So rather than wait ’til the next one, see what these select DJ Expo exhibitors are offering online and get a great deal on what you need-players, software, speakers, music, accessories… these companies offer it all!

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