In The Mixx: Hearn Boiz – Swag Session


Damn im getting old,or people are putting less effort in this art we call hiphop.first off I wanna saw I really respect the Hearn Boiz for their grind,I always see them out rockin,and the fact they invest in their own movement,videos,flyers,posters,etc,but this isn’t about respect it’s a review of a mixtape.when I popped in this cd I quickly started to feel like the culture is being disrespected,these guys should invest in better beats first,they all sound entry level,and lyrically they only rhyme about the typical teen to 20ish subject matter.they even use simple rhyme patterns,shouts to dj knight for making the disc entertaining with the effects,shouts to bag boi king of promo other than that…wow

Review by Big VicXL

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