The Indie Show TV Looking for Acts


Good Day,

The Indie Show has just partnered with a new television network that is part of
a world market of over 30 stations in over 30 countries.

If you would like to include your songs in our daily video rotation of unsigned and
indie bands, go to:

The Indie Show television event will be filmed and broadcast from Las Vegas,
Nevada. Artists that have qualified for the event will receive food, lodging,
and a travel allowance during filming.

The overall winner of the Indie Show will win a recording contract or cash, a
one year video promotion agreement, and other prizes. Every entrant will receive
phenomenal worldwide exposure.

This is the reality television event of the year! It’s not only a great way to
build a larger fan base, It could be the chance of a lifetime.

Entry is free. To enter:

Best regards,

Beau Blankenship
Executive Producer
The Indie Show


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