V.I.C. Promo Run through South Carolina (1 of 2)

1,019 Miles, Three stages, 16 hours worth of driving, 4 hotels, 12 radio stations, 4 clubs, an outdoor music festival…all in 3 days.
V.I.C. and Rockfort Management have to be the hardest working people in the music industry.
I recently had the pleasure to ride along on a SMALL promotional tour with the artist, his hype man Hollywood, and manager Victor “Big VicXL” Walker. Walker is also the Co-owner of Rockfort Management.
Consider this the quick look into V.I.C. as an individual. The entire time that we were on the road, he did not complain EVER.
“Business as usual” is what VicXL called it. Personally, I am not so sure that I could have done this on a weekly basis, even though I am told that it is the nature of the business.

Below are some of the snapshots that were taken along the road. These are real, non-photoshopped candid images into the life of an extremely dedicated and professional young man.
We wish him well; and with this work effort, success shouldn’t be too far behind.
*I lost track of the venues and the name of all of the DJs and representatives. You can check our twitter feed to get the details.

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