4:20 – DJ Green Lantern & DJ Don Cannon present B.o.B vs Bobby Ray.

As part of our artist spotlight we asked you via our Facebook page and Facebook Fan Page who you wanted us to feature in our artist spotlight. The artist that got the most votes was Lil Wayne; but we just did an entire month on Lil Wayne so by default we went to the artist with the second most votes which turned out to be Drake. T.I. actually received the most votes but I am saving all of those for January. I am officially dubbing 2010, the year of the King. January will be T.I. month…so wait for that. So, instead of T.I.,

This week’s artist spotlight: B.O.B

The problem with B.O.B is there are not a lot of Mix CDs out there to pull from so I will have to finish the week, here and there, with Mix CDs that he appeared on, and not the featured artist…not my fault guys…He needs to make more Mix CDs.

What can now pass as musical and lyrical talent sucks. The radio sucks.  This is an issue for B.o.B. aka Bobby Ray, but he’s not just going to criticize it- his music is going to change it. Well, it may not start a revolution that has the ability to overthrow mainstream media, but what  he brings to the table is much more profound than nonsense on mainstream airwaves or another single about Patron and swag. Bobby Ray knows music; great music. It may not be what’s popular but it’s selling- and his upcoming album under Grand Hustle records is gaining popularity. He’s been discovered and heard, promising that we haven’t seen what he’s capable of just yet. And personally, I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us.

Start from the beginning: What happened that brought you to be signed with Grand Hustle?
Well, I actually started out signing with Rebel Rock, and a turn of events led me to this man, and when he heard my music he was really impressed and I remember him telling me that “No matter if they’re signing me or not, I want to work with you because I really believe in your music”. From that point on I released mixed tape like “Cloud 9” and “The Future” and “Hi, My Name is Bob”. When by the time I released “Hi, My Name is Bob” , me and Grand Hustle both were interested in doing a joint venture with Rebel Rock. And Rebel Rock and Grand Hustle are both under Atlantic, so it would be easy to work out since they’re under the same family. So, eventually when everything hashed out, we realized that it was a good situation to be in and it showed the best of both worlds of the style of music that I make.

In the mix tape “B.o.B versus Bobby Ray”, you talk about your upcoming album under Grand Hustle, that we haven’t heard the best of you yet. What can we expect?
The album is really an expansion. It shows the growth. A lot of the music on the mix tapes, the “B.o.B. versus Bobby Ray” mix tape, is pretty recent. The mix tape is like the appetizer, and the album is the main course. People can expect music like what was on the mix tape, but the album is going to expand on that and show even more growth. I feel like listeners are going to be extremely satisfied.

Will the B.o.B. versus Bobby Ray format be followed?
It’s going to be more of a consolidated kind of sound. It’s too much to sustain both entities separated. I feel like I enjoy doing both styles of music, so I’m going to mix them both and get the best of both worlds.

You talk about how you lost yourself, and how you were going with what was popular. What was that moment where you decided to speak up and be yourself, rather than what the stereotype of rap artists is?

It first hit me on the night that I performed at T.I.‘s club Crucial, and when I was there, even though I was performing Cloud 9 and that song isn’t your typical song, I still realized that, out of everyone in the open mic circuit sounded similar, and even though it would be more of a challenge for me to sound the same than it is to sound different since I’m just naturally different, I realized then and there that the competition of the field is so large that if I’m not going to make it, I’d rather not make it being myself than trying to fit in to the mold. It was that day that I realized that I can’t be what’s expected of a rapper to be. In life, there’s always a role and an identity and a concept. When you think of a rapper, you think of gold chains, MC, microphones.. I don’t want to be bound to just that. It’s not necessarily intentional, but what is intentional is my expression of freedom as a person. I steer away from playing a role just to get by in life. I’d rather not live than do what’s necessary to get by. I like to explore and embrace the change. The change is what keeps life moving. Artists like Lupe and Gnarles Barkley, these are artists that keep the industry different and keep it alive.

Do you think that the people who listen to rap music daily are receiving the message you’re trying to send kindly?
I feel like I get a lot of good comments and a lot of people giving me a lot of love, but more importantly, just as there are people giving me compliments, there are people giving me critiques. I try not to focus on either, because either or is bad to focus on too much. I take the best of both. If there’s anything really important I got to see, I’m sure my dad or my managers will tell me. My dad checks my pages more than I do. He’s really proud of me. He’s probably going to end up reading this interview, so “Hi Dad!”

Words from MetroMix Interview


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