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As part of our artist spotlight we asked you via our Facebook page and Facebook Fan Page who you wanted us to feature in our artist spotlight. The artist that got the most votes was Lil Wayne; but we just did an entire month on Lil Wayne so by default we went to the artist with the second most votes which turned out to be Drake. T.I. actually received the most votes but I am saving all of those for January. I am officially dubbing 2010, the year of the King. January will be T.I. month…so wait for that. So, instead of T.I.,

This week’s artist spotlight: B.O.B

The problem with B.O.B is there are not a lot of Mix CDs out there to pull from so I will have to finish the week, here and there, with Mix CDs that he appeared on, and not the featured artist…not my fault guys…He needs to make more Mix CDs.

B.o.B aka Bobby RayWordofSouth.com: What’s going on B.o.B?

B.o.B.: What’s up man?

WordofSouth.com: How you doing?

B.o.B.: I’m doing good; just trying to survive in this Atlanta flood we’re having.

WordofSouth.com: It’s raining out there, huh?

B.o.B.: Nah, it’s flooding outside. Like water is up to the window on our cars.

WordofSouth.com: God damn! You doing ok though, huh?

B.o.B.: Oh ye, I’m cool. I’m in the sky, so I’m good. It’s been a while since we spoke.

WordofSouth.com: Congratulations on being nominated for “Rookie of the Year” at this year’s BET Hip-Hop Awards.

B.o.B.: That’s definitely a good look for me. I don’t even have to win an award, I’m good.

WordofSouth.com: Where were you when you received the news and what was your initial reaction?

B.o.B.: I was in band rehearsal and TJ [of TJ’s DJ’s] was like congratulations on your nomination. That gave me a little boost of energy for the rest of the rehearsal. I never would have known if he wouldn’t have told me. I was just there minding my business.

WordofSouth.com: Were you were surprised with the nod? Or do you think it was inevitable with all of the hard work you’ve put in?

B.o.B.: I felt like at some point I would get some type of nomination but I didn’t think it would be this soon. It’s kind of surprising; I was like woah!

WordofSouth.com: The competition is kind of fierce with Drake and KiD CuDi also nominated. Do you like your chances out there?

B.o.B.: I kind of feel like it’s a good category. I feel like they put the right group of artists together. Honestly, where Kid CuDi and Drake are in their careers, they definitely worked a lot for it. I feel like I’ve worked a lot too and feel like it’s only a matter of time before I get to the point where I feel like I could really begin, because I haven’t even begun yet.

WordofSouth.com: And you were recently added to the Shwayze tour. How did that come about?

B.o.B.: Yeah, it’s the Shwayze tour. Shwayze had the song “Buzzing”, “buzzing all over me like she fell in love.” There from L.A. so they have a pretty good following on the west coast. They are in different pockets that I am probably not aware of. I just like performing and being in front of people. It actually got put together really just through connections. The right people were able to get in touch with me and get in touch with them. I wanted to go on the east coast because we have to drive and get band equipment. I kind of wanted to stay on the east coast with it.

WordofSouth.com: You mention them having a different pocket and a following on the west coast that you are yet to have. You are hoping that joining them on your can broaden your own fan base?

B.o.B.: Oh it definitely will. I feel like I can go on tour with rap groups, rock bands or pop acts, or anything and still connect with the crowd.

WordofSouth.com: You’re a very unique artist and with Shwayze also having a unique sound, did you like the idea of touring with such creative artists?

B.o.B.: Yeah, definitely. When I did the Asher Roth and KiD CuDi tour, it felt good to be performing in front of the same. Even though our music is slightly different, it’s pretty close, just slightly different in terms of the style and everything. The generation we speak to is the same generation and that’s what kind of holds us together.

WordofSouth.com: What venues and cities are you looking forward to hitting?

B.o.B.: We’re gonna’ hit Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, Connecticut, Virginia and Cleveland. I’m also gonna’ go through Atlanta. Even though these dates are not on the tour, I’m doing a show in Atlanta and Miami also.

WordofSouth.com: How important is it for an artist such as yourself to go out on stage and give the fans a creative performance since your music is very creative?

B.o.B.: It’s a lot of work that goes into it. I really gotta’ rehearse a lot. Rehearsal is not a chore for me. Me and my musicians just get together and have fun. We build around what is fun and at the same time, we build it around the songs that people know and love. We have fun playing it and the crowd has fun because they get to sing the songs they know and are familiar with.

WordofSouth.com: With your real name being Bobby Ray, you’ve gone under B.o.B. so long and it was only recently that you unveiled the whole Bobby Ray persona. That alter ego has seen you launch more singing in your music. How did that come about?

B.o.B.: Oh yeah. It was always there but I just now chose to reveal it. Honestly, a lot of the songs on the B.o.B. side [on the “B.o.B. vs. Bobby Ray” mixtape] were the newer songs. All of the Bobby Ray stuff was a little older material. I really want to show people this side of me and that’s why I put it out there. I was going through that period where I really wanted to define what I was as an artist. That’s what made me put that music out there and go out on a limb so to speak.

WordofSouth.com: That was a great mixtape. Are you working on a follow up?

B.o.B.: I got some things up my sleeve (laughs).

WordofSouth.com: Well the “Adventures of Bobby Ray” include both rap [B.o.B] and singing [Bobby Ray]?

B.o.B.: Both sides kind of have singing but it’s like the music and where it comes from is a more sincere place. It’s really like a different person. Bobby Ray is more chilled and relaxed and just wants to play some music and dance around. B.o.B. is very animated with high energy; he’s like a comic book character.

WordofSouth.com: And will both ego’s be shown and heard on “The Adventures of Bobby Ray?”

B.o.B.: I definitely want to merge the two into Bobby Ray. B.o.B. will always be there. When that character comes out, people are gonna’ know that that is B.o.B. I want to merge them both. Really, my intention wasn’t to create an alter ego type of thing, but I guess it was in a sense. It was really more-so about a transition more than anything.

WordofSouth.com: What is the status of the album and what has been the holdup?

B.o.B.: It’s just going through the rites of passage. For the type of music I make, my rites of passage just happen to be a longer path (laughs).

WordofSouth.com: Have you made any changes to the album?

B.o.B.: I’m actually doing the majority of the production. I also have some tracks with Jim Jonsin and other different producers that I may work with. My musicians are helping me out with producing a lot of stuff and developing the album a little bit.

WordofSouth.com: Does the album still feature no guest appearances?

B.o.B.: I still don’t have any guest appearances yet. I’m still building it. Eventually, I will work with the artists that I am connected to and not just manufacture songs where they just place the verse on the song. I really want it to be a creative process. I want people to be able to listen to the song and say “yeah, they were definitely in the studio together.”

WordofSouth.com: Do you think that’s kind of missing from hip-hop nowadays? There are too many random guest appearances on albums and you can tell it wasn’t created in the studio together?

B.o.B.: Yeah, definitely. It has to get that family element back into it; it’s there though. It’s just not as present in the mainstream as I would like it to be (laughs). Key word is how I would like it to be.

WordofSouth.com: Is it far too early or are you eyeing any sort of release date for the album?

B.o.B.: It’ll probably be spring.

WordofSouth.com: I know you have a couple of situations attached to your name, but being signed to Grand Hustle as one of them, how has T.I.’s incarceration affected your situation?

B.o.B.: It really hasn’t affected it too much. T.I. is a really good mentor for me. Until he gets out, I just keep working and progressing. I don’t think about it too much. It’s like when you’re in a Football game and one of the star players gets injured, you have to pick up wherever you can pick up and keep moving.

WordofSouth.com: Tell us about the joint you did for the upcoming Mike Bigga [Killer Mike] album.

B.o.B.: I run into Killer Mike all the time and we’ve always been cool. He’s like an older brother figure to me (laughs). We got in the studio and really just vibed out. We actually did a few things together. He got on my mixtape and I got on some stuff for him. It was a real creative process. And that’s what I mean; I want to do stuff like that. It’s not even about having big names o celebrities and all that; I just like creating good music with people I’m close to.

WordofSouth.com: Can we expect more Grand Hustle features to come?

B.o.B.: Oh definitely, lots. I don’t want it to get old though. I don’t want people to say “oh B.o.B. did another song with Grand Hustle.” That’s my family so I want it to be right. Nobody is in a rush. We’re just seeing what we’re inspired to do.

WordofSouth.com: You also hooked up with Big Boi from OutKast for a track on his upcoming solo project. Tell us about that record.

B.o.B.: The track I did for him, we actually went in the studio and recorded the hook. It actually came out pretty dope. He heard it and left the studio so I can work and vibe with it. He came back and was like, “yep, that’s that funk right there, I like it” (laughs).

WordofSouth.com: What’s next up for B.o.B.?

B.o.B.: What’s next is just getting this album out. I’m gonna’ continue to do shows and tour to let people see the music and let them know what I‘m doing. That’s really what’s most important so I can really work until everything really gets put into motion. I’m just going on.

WordofSouth.com: Did you complete any more guest appearances we should be on the lookout for?

B.o.B.: Probably something with Lupe [Fiasco].

WordofSouth.com: That would be hot.

B.o.B.: (laughs)

WordofSouth.com: Y’all already got that in the bag, huh?

B.o.B.: Oh yeah, that’s already in the bag. That cheque is in the bank (laughs).

WordofSouth.com: That’s a major announcement and we’re gonna’ end on that note because they will be waiting for that one. We got B.o.B., Bobby Ray right here with us. Do you have any last words before I let you go?

B.o.B.: The website is www.bobatl.com and the Twitter is www.twitter.com/bobatl. Follow me, it’s really me because there is no machine behind that; it’s really me. Talk to me and I definitely talk to the fans and get a good perspective on things, talk to them and see what they feel like. It’s good to have the fans talk to you as opposed to hearing it always from the label side. Alright, peace brother.

– INTERVIEW BY: Justin Melo
Words from WordOfSouth


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