New Game from Def Jam: Def Jam Rapstar

by Justin McElroy { May 28th 2009 at 3:15PM } Xbox Nintendo PlayStation

Ask anyone who knows us: Joystiq understands hip-hop culture. So does the recently-revealed 4mm which today unveiled its maiden project: Def Jam Rapstar, a trailer for which we’ve nestled lovingly after the break. How do you know it’s speaking to the hip-hop community so well with its new rapping game? Because CEO Nicholas Perrett manages to use the phrases “games that live long beyond the box,” “MMO-esque,” “long tail” and “game-like” in a single paragraph of the announcement story. Street? Street.

As for actual gameplay, we know only that it will include rapping. We’ll let you know more at E3.

[Thanks, Storm Eagle]


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