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S.E.A. 2010 Nominee & 2009 Winner
BEST MIXTAPE DUO (with DJ Whut It Dew)
Kickdoe Ent. LLC. established in 2003 by it C.E.O. and founder DJ Scrill, has officially secured a distribution deal with Bungalo Universal Music Group Distribution. The first slated release will be from its flagship hip hop artist 2 Piece. 2 Piece is currently working on finishing his debut album titled “The Missing Piece”. 2 Piece will also be releasing a plethora of mixtapes with some of the hottest djs in the country. “The amount of talent that Kickdoe Ent. and its artist possess, made signing them a priority. We are very pleased to have Kickdoe Ent. LLC. join our music family”, stated Bungalo Records President Paul Ring. The current street single from 2 Piece titled “I’m On Point” has received a host of regional support throughout the southern region. “We have been working on establishing ourselves in this industry for quite some time and to find a label home like Bungalo/Universal is a key building block that we needed to become a music superpower in the industry” says Kickdoe Ent. LLC label President and C.E.O., Dj Scrill. 2 Piece will embark upon a promo tour to promote “The Missing Piece” Album project and the new radio single in late 2009. 2 Piece “The Missing Piece” album is scheduled for an early 2010 release. Terms of this deal were undisclosed at press time.
(Interview Two)
S.E.A. 2010 NOMINEE Best Indy Group of the Year; 2009 WINNER Indie Group of the Year & 2008 WINNER Best Indy Rap Artist of the Year.
SoundChild Crew is a hip hop group that is dedicated to honing their skills and perfecting their craft; because of this, they are quickly becoming one of the hottest acts to emerge from the South! The SoundChild Crew are currently in negiotiations with Midway Games for licensing, among other things. The Crew has had numerous performances throughout the country and have been invited to perform in shows all over the United States in the “Emergenza Festival” (112 venues across the U.S. including the Avalon in Boston, the Metro and Double Door in Chicago, the Hi Tone Café, and the Young Avenue Deli and New Daisy Theatre in Memphis). They are currently featured on numerous mixtapes around the world including mixtape projects with Dj 007, All Access DVD Magazine’s Street Credibility, Dj Vlad The Butcher’s “Tales Of A Dying Breed”, Houston’s Dj Bull (Dirty 3rd Records), Dj Ame’s UK Mixtape Messiah “Grind Time 26,” Boston’s Dj Shureshot “Durty South Shootout” Series, Dj Cosinus’ “RnB 2 Hip Hop,” and Dj Madgik’s “Southern Explosion.” They have also interviewed and featured on college radio stations, mixshows, and online publications around the globe including Detroit, Las Vegas, Chicago, Little Rock, Fayetteville, Los Angeles, Houston, St. Louis, New York City, BBC, Poland, Japan, and Shady 45 Satellite Radio. SC has been featured on numerous websites, publications and dvds, including Ozone Magazine, Street Credibility DVD, Block2Block Magazine, SEA Magazine, and DV8 Magazine, MemphisRap.com and many more.
Blu Tantrum
CEO/Executive Producer
OneLife Productions

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