Sam Stone Studios presents Ridin Durty RadioVision Blast 10/10/09

Over the last month, I have gotten increasingly excited about the level of talent that have been showing up at open mics. As a former performer, I know how crucial it is to get out and try out new material in front of an audience or to get stage freight in front of people you don’t know. In fact I am a fan of each and every amateur, unsigned, or less heard of act that comes to perform at open mics. The road to stardom starts with doing these type of events.
Knowing my passion for Hip Hop and my love for music, culture and all things that I have the opportunity to give my feedback with; I was asked to be a resident judge at a new open mic. Everyone knows that when Mz. Linda and Big VicXL put together an open mic it will be done right and this first one did not disappoint.
The setup is cool. The contest takes place in an actual television studio that has been setup to resemble a club setting. There is studio seating, a bar, V.I.P. section, DJ Booth…the works. Sam Stone really went all out to make this look as authentic as possible. Props to him for that. What you don’t see are the technical people manning the half a dozen cameras set up in the building. Why cameras? It’s coming…follow along.
The format is the normal setup, performers register to perform in an open setting to be judged by a panel of judges and win prizes beneficial to them. What is abnormal and enhanced with the artist in mind are the additional perks that you get. Since it is a television studio, the entire show is recorded and after each show, the performers get to leave with a copy of the show in DVD format. Who else is doing that?
What we are doing here at Hip Hop Encounter Media Group, we are bringing back Hip Hop Encounter TV with the footage that we get from Ridin Durty Radio Vision. So not only will the contestants be blasted on all of Sam Stone’s Networks of television stations and internet sites, but they will also get blasted out to all of HHE’s 38 social media sites and be a part of the new and improved Hip Hop Encounter Television show. How is that for maximum exposure?

Here is the blast that went out containing performances from some great talent:
Congratulations to Jason for taking the crown this week

Third Place: Julian

Second Place: Fiya

First Place: Jason

Big VicXL presents Ridin’ Dirty TV @

Sam Stone Studios

It’s Show Time!

Dear Underground Music Lover,

The Open Mic on Saturday was DOPE! We had a freestyle artist, the Original Man, that put it down and a group from Antigua that really gave us a show!!! Wait until you see who WON THE CASH PRIZE!!! Hopefully, I will see you next Saturday; always remember to bring a friend!!!

Sam Stone

Enjoy these performances and
please click on the advertising links on the videos our sponsors help pay for the show.  It takes a second to click but it makes a huge difference for us.

The Original Man




The Grand Finale

We hope to see you Saturday at 9:00 PM at 860 Hank Aaron Drive Atlanta, Georgia  to hear the best underground music in the southeast!

Ladies are FREE before midnight
College students are FREE with ID
All regular tickets are only $10

Support Unsigned, Local, Less-Popular and Underground Talent. When you see them on your favorite social network, add them, friend them, follow them, or do whatever that network calls it; just make sure that you support them.
Sam Stone Studio’s Underground Talent Mart

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