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DirtBag Music Inc
Thanks for your interest in being sponsored by Dirtbag Clothing!

DirtBag Clothing is proud to announce 2 new levels of sponsorship:

  • #1 The DirtBag Tour Support Product (TSP) ProgramThe DirtBag TSP Program is for bands with a good following that play 2-5 shows per month that are interested in making more money as an official distributor of DirtBag products at live venues. Past touring bands have made from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars in extra cash each month using the TSP program!
  • #2 The DirtBag Off Tour Sponsorship (OTS) ProgramThe OTS is designed specifically for emerging bands that are either just getting started or are in the process of recording a demo or in the studio working on new material. The OTS is a great opportunity for your band to be associated with a trusted brand in the music scene, build credibility and take advantage of some amazing perks and services that will take your band to the next level!

For more details and a complete list of features and benefits on these two programs follow the link below: www.dirtbag.com/tsp

Thanks for your time. We look forward to working with your band in the very near future!

– The DirtBag Crew

*If your band is already in the DirtBag TSP Program please check out the updated list of perks we have recently added and contact your TSP rep for more info.

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www.dirtbag.com, or call 800-877-DIRTBAG.

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