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40 Glocc / Infamous / G-Unit / Zoo Life




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California’s 40 Glocc is no stranger to controversy. As a native of Colton, in California’s Inland Empire and a neighborhood affectionately know as “the zoo”, it kind of comes with the territory. You can choose either to eat, or be eaten and 40 Glocc stays well fed. Using his experience as a solo artist under Empire Records/BMG, for whom he dropped 2003’s “The Jackal”, and the knowledge gained from his close association with 50 Cent and G-Unit, to whom he is signed via Mobb Deep’s Infamous Records, 40 Glocc has amassed a respectable roster of artists from around his way and launched his own label, ZooLife Entertainment; whose first project, “Concrete Jungle”, drops nationwide on December 1st with distribution through Urban Music Alliance (UMA.)

“Concrete Jungle” is jam packed with music that shows 40 Glocc and Zoo Life are doing their part to hold up the legacy of West Coast Gangsta Rap. It features songs with Zoo Life’s Sun, Village Boo, Lil Boo, Tip Toe, Ken Bib, Locie Loc and Yacc as well as 40’s female counterpart, Gail Gotti (Night In Gail Entertainment.)

The title track, “Concrete Jungle” featuring Village Boo and Tip Toe dropped last week and its accompanying video can be seen on 40 Glocc’s YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/BIGGBAD40

2010 will see 40 drop his much anticipated solo project, “N.W.A. New World Agenda” and perhaps his involvement in more film roles. His first was in the 2009 teen comedy, “Miss March”, which opened earlier this year.

When 40 Glocc is not creating entertainment, he spends his time defending his craft which has recently come under the scrutinization of the State of California. They are currently seeking a gang injunction against the artist and his crew, in an attempt to keep them away from the neighborhood in which most of their friends and family reside, citing unsubstantiated episodes of drug dealing and similar instances, the evidence for which appears to be 40’s rap persona and lyrical and video content. The case for this is still pending.

Meanwhile, back at ‘the zoo’, life goes on and music gets made. That’s just the way it goes down, in Colton.

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