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November 26, 2009

Street Talk W/ Jo Jo Simmons: Wiz Khalifa
Rick Ross To Launch A Clothing Line Tiger Woods Creeps On Wifey?
Global Grind’s music editor has a sit down with rapper Wiz Khalifa to talk about his music, career and more! Click here for more. In the midst of a conversation, the Bawse reveals he’s dropping a clothing line soon. Check out the video Rumor has it that Tiger Woods is stepping out on his lovely wife. We sure hope that it’s all a lie! Read more on the story here
Is Assassin’s Creed 2 A Killer For The Console?
Turkey Time!!! Peep The Presidential Turkey Pardons
Time To Sell The Grapefruits
The first Assassin’s Creed was a polarizing experience, with reactions split between between people who were bored by the repetition of a few basic missions, and those who were…Read more here. President Harry Truman likes what he sees What can this bird do for President Kennedy? Take a look at past moments of lucky Thanksgiving turkeys. Click to see! Is it time to add a “slash” to my name? Model/Skin care entrepreneur?!? Well I’m definitely not taking model away…Read the rest of Julie Henderson’s blog here!
*EXCLUSIVE* Joanna Hernandez: Raw & Flawed Win $5000 Shopping Spree + Trip To Las Vegas Doctor Says Vada Vasquez Will Recover Fully
We call this the Raw & Flawed series b/c it shows that although Cocktail is pretty, she is perfect the way she is, flaws and all. Click to watch! Happy Thanksgiving!  Today we will just give a hint.  Check back tomorrow for clue for word #4.  Good luck in the scavenger hunt! See more here. That was the amazing diagnosis Wednesday from the doctor of the 15-year-old Bronx girl who survived being hit in the brain by a stray… Click for more.
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