New Hotness!!!! Young R: I Love Money

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Ray Wilson a.k.a Young R was born in Macon, GA and raised in Juliette,GA. This young lyricist has always had a love for music. He began performing at an early age at local talent shows. He didn’t begin to rap until junior high-school. He is part of the outstanding mo

vement G.A.M.Ent and Hit-Man Productions out of Macon,GA. He represents Pimp Legion of Doom and Ball Out Entertainment also out of Macon,GA. Coming from a small town setting has helped to keep Young-R grounded. Young R has performed with various artist like the Kadilack Boyz, Kaya, Boyz in the Hood, Yung Joc, Dj Unk, Dirty Boyz, Trick Daddy, The Shop Boyz and Dem Heizmen Boyz!!! Young R is also collaberating with Buff City Records out of Buffalo, New York and T.S.G Records out of Warner Robins, GA. PhotobucketYoung R has also recorded in major recording studios like Patchwerk Recording Studios in Atlanta, GA. When asked what is his approach to the game he responded. “My plan is to take over the music industry. I am very hungry for success and won’t stop until I achieve it. Get used to me and love me because i’m going to be here for a long time.”

New Hot Single: I Love Money
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