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Brand New Flavor For Your Inbox – October 29, 2009
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We’re proud to present the fourth edition of the Refined Hype Newsletter, your weekly report on the world of urban culture. That’s right, we’re one month old – let’s celebrate with some quality hip-hop, shall we?

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Hype-Worthy Downloads
Mixtape Weezy is back! Before he heads off to prison, Wayne drops his latest mixtape “No Ceilings”, a lyrically insane work that shows the “greatest rapper alive” is still at his peak.
Lil Wayne "No Ceilings"

Culture & Lifestyle
Va$htie is a party producer and video director who also just so happens to rock a fresh clothing line. Check out her new “Violette” collection.

RefinedHype will be counting down the Top 25 Hip-Hop songs of the decade – but first we need your help. Vote for your favorite track of the 2000s.
Vote for the Best of the 2000s
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Flud Watch Giveaway

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Public Enemy said it best: don’t believe the hype. Urban music and culture has found a home online, but with the explosion of new material appearing everyday, it’s become difficult to separate what’s real with what’s just hype.

RefinedHype gathers everything that’s new in urban culture and refines it for a discriminating audience. From exclusive new music to the latest in entertainment, fashion, events and more, we give you only the highest quality.

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