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Hello from Starfleet Music Pool,

Welcome to our bi-weekly newsletter where we bring you up to date with our latest charts & musical info through our systems. This is a couple of days late. Please take a minute to read through this entire newsletter.

New York Yankees win 27th World Series

Now that this news is out, we request your help in getting us more of your artist’s pictures & drops for our site. I’ll be happy to send you the scripts, rather than placing them here, upon request via phone or e-mail. As far as the pictures go, we need higher quality versions, not from website thumbnails or the like. If & when we should use the pictures we’d like them to look great, not grainy. We’re working on going to the next level of information & more interaction with our website, so your help will be most appreciated.

ALSO, we’re still working hard copies, too, be it vinyl & or CDs. We could use up to 20 copies when available. MP3s must be 320 kbps mastered! See guidelines below..

*A quick note to some of the people e-mail blasting, PLEASE use bcc or blind carbon copy when sending e-mail to groups of addresses! We may not want all of the people you e-mail to have our addresses. Both of my main addresses have tripled in spam & junk mail just within the past several of months. Thanks for your help with this issue.*

We report to the Urban Buzz <Did you know?>

Here’s what is listed in this newsletter, 1. links to our latest charts, 2. links to our new music reviews, 3. links to our featured artist, 4. link to submitting digital music, 5. link to information about advertising on Starfleet’s website & in this newsletter. 6. links to some of the Newsflashes on our website.

*You may notice a change in the look of our charts. We are switching from all capital letters to capital letters for the start of each word ie, STARFLEET to Starfleet. This will take a couple of months to faze out, but we feel it will improve the look & function of our website.*

1. Starfleet’s charts for 11/1/09

Top-50 Crossover Chart 11/1/09

Top-50 Urban/Hip Hop Chart 11/1/09

Top-50 Dance Chart 11/1/09

Top-40 Indie Urban/Hip Hop/Latin Chart 11/1/09

2. New music reviews & more

Urban/Hip Hop Music

Verse Simmonds feat. Pitbull – Buy You A Round

LL Cool J – NCIS (No Crew Is Superior)

Jaheim – Aint Leavin Without You

Crossover Music

Britney Spears – 3 (Remixes)

Janet Jackson – Make Me (Remixes)

Rihanna – Russian Roulette

Shakira feat. Lil Wayne and Timbaland – Give It Up To Me

Anything But Monday feat. DJ Gray – Hey Ladies (Remix)

Dance Music

Little Boots – Remedy (Remixes)

DJ Rap – Give It All Away (Remixes)

N’Dambi – Cant Hardly Wait (StoneBridge Remixes)

The Crystal Method feat. Emily Haines – Come Back Clean (Kaskades Mixes)

Adam Barta – V.I.P. (Remixes)

These are just a few of the latest reviews listed on the site. Drop by our website on a regular basis for more music reviews in 2 different places, under Music Reviews & our forums. PLUS, we have a new feature for the site with music reviews. Ask us about it.

3. Featured artist

We’ll have several new featured artist setup shortly. We’re waiting on the finishing touches. This area has become very popular & we have limited spaces on the site & this newsletter. Please contact us ASAP if you’re interested in exposing your artist to the world.

Feature YOUR artist here <<click here for more info

VIP Featured Artist

Joyce Sims – Wishing You Were Here (Remixes)

Amu Uso – Come 2 The Front

Empulse – Fight The People (Remixes)

Rachel McDonald – Clinching My Pillow

Delorean and Bushtacca – Say No More

Features Artist

David Guetta ft. Akon Sexy Bitch

Featured Dance artist – Lovari – Take My Pain

Featured Urban Artist – Angel DeMar – Grab My Waist

Please contact us to check out the details for having your artist as a featured artist on our site & through this newsletter system.

4. Guidelines for submitting digital music to Starfleet

Digital Music – Guidelines for submitting to Starfleet Music Pool

Please make sure to take a minute to “review these guidelines for submitting mp3s to us”. Every record pool is overwhelmed with the glut of mp3s sent to us daily & the majority of the music is either poor bit rated, not tagged properly & the files names are not setup right either. If you follow these guidelines you’ll be saving us time & the extra effort that we have to do to make sure our DJs have the best quality music. (Remember, time is money & if we have to fix your music, then there is a small setup fee to do so)

P.S. please keep in mind that we do still work vinyl & or CDs, too… We could use up to 20 copies…

5. Advertise with our Record Pool

Advertise with our Record Pool

As I said above, you’ll be seeing our upgraded website within the next 10 days. It is going to have more functionality & advertising options. Keep your eyes for the new look soon. Our website gets thousands of hits daily, from around the world. Not only can you advertise on our website, but you can now advertise on our newsletters, too. This newsletter is sent to over 7000 music industry contacts around the world, from major & Indie record labels, to artist, to radio stations, to retail outlets, to music publications – printed & online, to mixshow, Billboard, nightclub, mobile, sports music & college party DJs. Let us help get you MAXIMUM exposure for your music, your artist, your product & your company. We’ve got a (SPACE) for you. Please contact us while you’re setting up your 2010 advertising budget. The world is watching Starfleet’s website because we’re breaking records.

6. Newsflashes

We report to the Urban Buzz

New York Yankees win 27th World Series

Rihanna’s new album – Rated R

2009 American Music Awards Nominations

25 Most Preposterous Hip-Hop Trends of the 2000s

Jesse Saunders’ Electronic Music Cafe

That’s it for this newsletter.

Make sure to drop by our website & get yourselves registered, so you can stay informed of music news & info from Starfleet & the industry. Let us know if you like what we’re doing with the site & newsletter. We’d love to hear your comments & ideas via e-mail & or our forums. Have a great weekend. As always, thanks for your help & support.

Ronnie Matthews

ph) 704-599-6645





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