DJ City Digital Record Pool Blast 11/14

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New Acapella Tools

DJ Class – Tell The DJ Play My Sh#t – Acap Loop
DJ Class – Back It All Up On My D#ck – Acap Loop
DJ Class – See It’s Friday Night – Acap Loop
Lil Jon – Hands Up, Cups Up – Acap Loop
Lil Jon – Ladies To The Dance Floor – Acap Loop
Lil Jon – Get Crazy In The Club – Acap Loop
Lil Jon – Hands Up Reach For The Sky – Acap Loop

DJcity Hot Box – 11/14/2009 (aka most downloaded – 1 week back)

1. Ludacris – How Low
2. Timbaland – Morning After Dark – Nelly Furtado Remix
3. Three 6 Mafia ft Tiesto, Flo Rida & Sean Kingston – Feel It
4. Rihanna ft Young Jeezy – Hard
5. Lil Jon ft Sean Garrett – Bend Over
6. David Guetta ft Estelle & Fatman Scoop – One Love – Chuckie Remix
7. 50 Cent – Get It Hot
8. DJ Class – Dance Like A Freak – Fatman Scoop Remix
9. FM ft Cataracs & Dev – Like A G6
10. Shakira ft Lil Wayne & Timbaland – Give It Up To Me – Rock-It! Scientists Remix

Other notable top releases over the past few days
Snoop Dogg ft Nipsey Hussle & Problem – Upside Down
Enur ft Beenie Man & Natalie Storm – Whine
Cupid – Do My Ladies Run This Party
Rihanna ft Young Jeezy – Hard – NASA Hook First Intro
Lady Gaga – Bad Romance – DJ Quickie Acap Intro
Lil Jon – Give It All U Got – DJ Quickie Acap Intro
Iyaz – Replay
Weezer ft Lil Wayne – Can’t Stop Partyin’ – Acapella Outro Quick Hitter
Kid Cudi – Pursuit Of Happiness – Steve Aoki Dance Remix

A Short Message About Track Updates
Many of you might not know how much the DJcity Digital staff puts in work behind the scenes. We are constantly looking for higher quality files, more versions, and adding intros and acapellas to the record pool.

We also fix the small stuff like entering missing featured artists & producers, rename tracks with the official label titles in case our early version was altered, and generally just make sure DJcity is completely, totally flawless.

Our staff has daily email threads bickering back and forth about trivial topics. Some might call it being anal, but we like to call it paying attention to detail.

We do all this work for our members, but you still need to check the Track Updates every so often to take advantage and see what we went back and changed. You can always find the link up top in the pink box of the record pool section.

Here are the most notable track updates we made over the past few days:
DJ Class – I’m The Ish – Lil Jon Remix (Acap – Dirty)
Lil Jon – Give It All U Got (Acap)
Rihanna – Hard (Inst)
Timbaland – Ease Off The Liquor (Inst)
Lady Gaga – Bad Romance (Intro)

The Jon & Class acapellas are completely exclusive to DJcity, coming straight from the artists. Beating you over the head with the phrase: you got it here first!

The MikiDz Show – Monday, November 16th, 2009 w/DJ Dainjazone & Miki-War

This week we have Hyphy Crunk LIVE on The MikiDz Show! Hyphy is the mastermind behind the largest, most out-of-control weekly party in all of LA: The Heist.

What is the Heist?
Promo video for THE NEW Heist:
DJ AM at The Heist in ’08:
Yes, it’s that crazy every week.

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Tune in on front page of from 7:30-9:30PST on Monday.

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