Pleasure P Child Molestation Allegations

R&B singer Pleasure P has become the center of a child molestation scandal. The former member of Pretty Ricky is rumored to have been convicted of child molestation, a case that was covered up by his pleasureprecord label Blue Start Entertainment, back in 2006. Following the conviction, members of the group Pretty Ricky began to separate themselves from Pleasure P, aka Marcus Cooper. Eventually he left the group but went on to have a solo career.

The daughter of Pleasure P’s lawyer is now coming out on Twitter to reveal what she says is the truth about the R&B star. She says that he molested several children, including a 3-year old boy and a 4-year old girl who are his niece and nephew. This is the Twitter page of the woman who is speaking out against Pleasure P. Why is she speaking? Because apparently Pleasure P is very behind on his lawyer bills.

Though Pretty Ricky hasn’t come out with any details about Pleasure P being a child molester, they’ve now confirmed that they kicked him out of the group and that he did not leave on his own, as many had originally thought.

Below are documents that has posted to the site that show that Pleasure P’s 3 year-old nephew, whom he supposedly molested, was taken out of his home. It specifically states, “No unsupervised contact between the child and Marcus Cooper, maternal uncle, and Marcus Cooper shall not reside at home with the child if placed with [temporary guardian’s name inserted].

These are extremely serious allegations. It bothers me that the record label would cover up Pleasure P’s convictions. Residents in the state of Florida, where the molestation occurred, deserve to know about this case. Pleasure P is a threat to children and parents should be aware of his past. Why is he out making music when he should have been behind bars?

Story from, words by Liz Gellar, please check out the original story to view the court papers…


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