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Last Thursday’s show was all about Prince. It was funky. I wore my ass pants. And no one had to purify herself in Lake Minnetonka.
11 AM EST. MaxonPoinT. Your internet radio talk show. Entertainment news. Gossip. Music. A lot of my opinion. And, of course, your emails.
Dear Max,
I “Thelma and Louised” our relationship.
Steve McNair’s crazy broad
I really don’t want your emails from “Steve McNair’s crazy broad”. And I know…I already got Steve’s Prince song request – Anotherloverholeinyohead. Very not funny. Keep it classy, Nation. See you Thursday morning at 11 AM EST.
Show topics will include:
1. Miss California, Carrie Prejean, liked to make sex tapes for her boyfriend. And whether she likes it or not, even though she was going at it solo, it still was a sex tape.
2. Nivea gave birth to Lil Wayne’s son. Wayne was at some party while his son was born. Nice. I guess he’s getting the kid used to an absent father (at least for the next 12 months). Kind of hard to be there for your son when you’re doing time behind bars.
3. Nick Cage needs $30M/year to maintain his lavish lifestyle. Before you judge Nick, if you had 15 cribs, a jet, and an island, you’d need $30M, too. (walk a mile in another man’s guccis, Nation).
4. The UK doesn’t like black people in their movie promotional posters.
5. Paris Hilton is jealous of Kim Kardashian in the rich skank v richer skank pay per view. I guess it’s not fair to call Kim K. a skank, but if you get nice with Brandy’s little brother (on video no less), I have no other recourse.
I don’t have a gulfstream nor do I have 15 cribs, but then again, I don’t owe the IRS $6M either. I am your eclectic divo-in-charge of all that is right and good in this world.
Please feel free to send your emails to And yes, the ban is still in effect.
Until later,
#1 Internet/Satellite Station of the Year.  AND Internet Hustler of the Year
Internet Hustler of the Year

You do know that at Thursday, 11 AM, your extended weekend starts. It’s another MaxonPoinT still making being at work comfortable again edition.
We will continue to remember MJ by playing a few of his tunes (okay, the ones I really like).
Show topics will include:

1. I didn’t watch Wednesday memorial but based on what I saw, it looked like a wonderful sendoff for MJ. For all of you who watched it, you can make your checks payable to The City of Los Angeles as they are looking for donations to help pay for the services the city provided.

2. Maxwell’s new cd came out. My thoughts?!? Well, let’s just say I struggled to listen to it more than once. Maybe it’s chick music (thanks, Sonya) or maybe it just isn’t that good. At least it’s a trilogy so Maxwell has two more tries to get it right.

3. BET apologized for Lil Wayne’s performance on its awards show. Now, if BET would apologize for the last 20 years of subpar programming, I’d appreciate it. It would have been more appropriate for Lil Wayne to have co-knocked ups, Lauren London and Nivea, on stage during, “Every Girl in the World”, because it would have served as a visual of a teen preggers ad for young ladies…Here’s your body once it’s been on Lil Wayne. Ewwww! Pure ignance!

4. 73 year-old former crack user, ex-mayor Marion Barry was charged with misdemeanor stalking. Barry, calm down…I know…I know…the b#@$# set you up!

5. Richard McTear is probably going to end up in hell. At least, I think that is where guys go who beat up girlfriends, slam babies on concrete, and then eject them from moving cars onto interstates highways.

6.  Despite rumors, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are still together. Despite those rumors, I just don’t care.

7. I hate to say this but Prince’s line, “u need another lover, like u need a hole in your head” seems prophetic when applied to Steve McNair’s death over the weekend. Despite the act, no one deserves to get murdered. Thoughts and prayers to family andn friends of Steve McNair.

See you at eleven. I am still your eclectic divo-in-charge of all things that are good and right in this world. I get a massage before and after your show. I sleep on cooled 1173 thread count sheets and I do your show in a terry cloth robe because a comfortable me makes for a better show.

Please feel free to send your emails to  And yes, the ban is still in effect.

Until later,

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