Creeper Loc: Not Your Ordinary White Boi

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White Boi
I am going to do something completely out of the ordinary. I am not the one to usually do reviews, I hate plugging rappers and events personally, and I usually shit on anything that has anything to do with gangs. Not this time, good music is good music.

PhotobucketI have had the pleasure of meeting many many artist in the industry. One of the biggest issues with artist, then and now, is that they try and do too much. They try and wear multiple hats and that becomes a problem within itself because they aren’t really that good at wearing the main hat that they should be wearing, the hat of being a rapper. Creeper Locc isn’t that guy.

Rarely do you find a rapper who is serious about his craft to where he “WANTS” to learn. He’s not trying to be manager, CEO, roadie, public relations, etc, etc…but he is trying to learn what these task entail so his career can be taken to the next level. As a person, i respect him for his grind, his intellect and his determination to succeed. Those are qualities that are usually destroyed by ego or further constrained by the people around you.

PhotobucketAs an artist, as his mantra states, He’s Not Your Ordinary White Boy…

The single, featured on this site (use the new player) is a banger. If you check the history of this site, i seldom push singles or initiatives by other artist, I usually just try to keep you informed by consolidating what everyone else is doing. I am making that exception starting this month and i am beginning with Creeper Loc. Look, we know that the stereotypical white rapper historically has been corny. When you hear them, you know they are white based on vocabulary, style, and presentation. When I first heard “White Boi”, i had no idea it was from a white guy (yeah, i laughed at myself after i heard it, especially after listening to the song and he said it).Photobucket

The song is tight from the first note to the last. The music is perfect, lyrics could be about something other than what it is, but I understand the nature of the industry and i am confident that this could not only sell but it could catapult his career. Props to the producer, engineer, and those involved in putting the track together.

Listen to the music and request it at your radio station. ok, seriously, it might not make the major radio, but you can take this to the club with you and you and your homies can bang out. If i were to rate the single on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest, I give this single a 8.5.  Great Work!

Creeper Loc is a part of the famed rap group Dark House.

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