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A preview to the interview.

WordofSouth.com: What do you feel you can bring to the table that other MC’s haven’t already?

Yelawolf: Perspective. A lot are not doing that at this time. Besides that, I’m still rapping. I’m not the first white boy to do it. I still have beats and lyrics. What I do have and can bring is this perspective. I’m the only person that has lived this life. My raps are in relation to my life experiences.  That alone sets me apart from everybody in the world.

Click To Read The Entire Interview: http://www.wordofsouth.com/2010/01/11/yelawolf-country-music-interview/

Also a B.G. interview!


WordofSouth.com: Have you had a chance to speak with T.I. at all recently? He’ll be home in a couple of months. You were never signed to Grand Hustle but you were heavily affiliated.

B.G.: I’m still affiliated with them. Besides T.I. and Alfa Mega, I really never had no real relationship with the rest of them. When I saw what I saw on Youtube about Alfa Mega; that kind of hurt my feelings because I really thought he was 100%. Before me and T.I. started doing business together, we were friends first. We would call each other to get on a song on each other’s albums. I’d fly to Atlanta. We’ve spent Christmas together with our kids and our families. We were friends before we started doing business together. Me and Tip will always be 100%.

Click To Read The Entire Interview: http://www.wordofsouth.com/2009/12/10/bg-interview/

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