What The Apple iPad Means For Music

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Mar 12, 2010
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New Music Acts to Labels: ‘We Won’t Tweet’
The music industry is in a major state of crisis and some up and coming acts are reluctant to dirty their hands with social networking. Some new artists signing at both major and indie labels are telling execs there that they’ll make music, but don’t expect them to do Facebook or Twitter. (CNet)

The Death of the iPod
The iPod was a good, kind device. It played our favorite songs on the go. It responded warmly to our touch, raising its volume and changing melodies after a brisk rub about its round belly. And if an iPod ever seized up and broke while eking out a strange whirring or clicking noise, its newer models waited around the corner like newborn puppies to recapture our hearts (or re-shuffle our music). (The Atlantic)

Torq DJ Systems
There are a lot of DJs who are content with following the crowd—playing the same old tracks, and using the same old gear. But you aren’t like that. You’re different…

Torq® DJ systems are designed for DJs prepared to advance their artform. Don’t just mix music—redefine it. Reinvent it. Renew it. Create your own sound using Torq’s built-in effects. Sample and scratch—on the fly. Mash-up and remix tracks anyway you want. Go beyond the status quo. Be original. Take the scene by storm. Develop your own unique sound and style. Rebel with Torq.

Visit www.torq-dj.com now to learn how Torq DJ systems will ignite your creative revolution


Music Industry Needs Clear Strategy & Control over Illegal Downloads
It’s 4 a.m. in a hotel room far from home and you’ve just broken up with your lover. Aside from the minibar, there’s no empathy on offer: not a soul to talk to, no shoulder to cry on. (The Times of London)

America's Best DJ 2009
DJ Times Introduces Blog: “Stuff That Matters to DJs”
As Prince once sang, “It’s a sign of the times.” Since its 1988 launch, DJ Times has published an issue each month-and it continues to do so. A decade after its inception, the magazine cultivated an online presence. Now it has entered the blogosphere with regular blog entries that offer the DJ world useful information for professional applications and tasty tidbits for career aspirations. Expect a steady diet of business tips, gear discussion and event reports to serve knowledge-hungry DJs of all stripes.
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Run-DMC Set to Reform?
Rap icons Run-DMC could be set to reform this summer for a special appearance at an event curated by The Roots. (Clash Music)


Beatport Beach Party Line-up: WMC 2010
Once again Beatport makes its annual pilgrimage to Miami to bring you one of the most sought-out events during the Winter Music Conference. “The Beatport Beach Party,” presented by Beatport, Pioneer and Armani Exchange, takes place at Gansevoort Hotel’s beautiful private beach and will feature over 25 of the world’s best DJs, with no cover. (Beatportal)


Are Strip Clubs the Reason Bad Mainstream Rock is a Chart Staple?
Last week’s chart column focused on the persistent album-chart presence of rock bands like Shinedown and Theory of a Deadman, and the numbers caused me to get pinged by Bubbles Burbujas, a dancer who also runs the site Stripper Tweets. “Shinedown and Hollywood Undead = club staples, ugh.” (Village Voice)


WMC Events: March Miami Madness
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Ultra Music Festival
March Miami Madness Sponsored by: Ultra Music Festival As always, Winter Music Conference is set to light up SouthBeach and the downtown Miami area-dates are March 23-27. Other events include the Sea-to-Sun’s March 24 party with Freedom Williams, Juicy Beach’s March 25 party with Robbie Rivera, and Ultra Music Festival on March 26-27 with Deadmau5, Tiësto, Armin Van Buuren and more.

Ultra Music Festival
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DJ Expo 2010
The DJ Expo: Celebrating 20 Years Strong
In 1990, DJ Times helped define the DJ market with its inaugural DJ Expo. Now 20 years later, The DJ Expo remains America’s most comprehensive DJ show & exhibition-the DJ industry’s must-attend event. The DJ Expo has it all-cutting-edge exhibits, career-enriching seminars & exciting evening events like The Promo Only Party. Be there for the 20th Anniversary Edition of The DJ Expo: August 16-19 at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, N.J.

DJ Enferno Ultra Dance 11

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Video: RJD2 – How He Came Up With The First (?) Wireless MPC Remote
It spins! (Grandgood)


RIP: CDJ-1000
While the death of one iconic piece of Technics-shaped DJ technology may seem lingering, another has most definitely been decided. The announcement of Pioneer’s original CDJ-1000 was one of those you-remember-where-you-were moments which redefined the DJ game completely. But with the new species, in the shape of the CDJ-2000 and 900 having dawned, the CDJ-1000 now finds itself being shipped off to the technology retirement home. (Skratchworx)


DJ Enferno, voted amongst the top ten in the DJ Times Magazine “America’s Best DJ Contest 2009” has linked up with Ultra Records to release their latest installment of the popular annual compilation series Ultra Dance 11, out now in stores, and online at Ultra Records Store, iTunes and Amazon.

Enter for a chance to win complimentary entrance, meet and greet with DJ Enferno during the Ultra Dance 11 Tour and a signed copy of the CD, at www.ultradance11tour.com/clubworld. Winners will be selected for multiple engagements.

What the Apple iPad Means For Music
The Apple iPad, conceptually, is a large iPod touch. However, what Apple has really done is create a new device that builds on what it has learned with the iPhone and iPod touch. The operating system, and the applications that Apple includes, are optimized for both the size of the hardware and the types of things that you would want to do with a device this size. (Synthtopia)


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From DiY To ‘Professional’
As a vocalist and drummer, Steve Ansell has been on one hell of an eye-opening adventure, we thought it high time we picked Steve’s brain to discover what he’s learnt over the past few years, shifting from the do-everything-yourself scene to the corporate-sponsored festival arenas. (Drowned In Sound)


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