SoundScan Week Ending 11/28

It’s been a much anticipated week waiting on final sales results from last week’s battle between Nicki Minaj and Kanye West. It doesn’t appear it was actually a fight after-all. In fact the chart shows a very disturbing trend. I will not go into my rant about how people in the urban markets buy more bootleg CDs than actual CDs. Those numbers speak for themselves. We will save that argument for another day and another post.
For now, take a look at the actual numbers.
A lot of media outlets are reporting false numbers.

In fact, according to this chart a lot of labels are lying about sales too. We do not know how long this chart will be available but we will leave it up as long as possible. These are actual units sold, not DIGITAL DOWNLOADS.

I hope we are able to keep this up and continue to bring you the real numbers because Soulja Boy came out this week and according to projections things do not look so good.

What we always do is not only bring to you the information but if possible,

we will supply the source.

Below is an actual printout of the real Nielsen SoundScan report.

(We will try to bring you this report weekly, so when your patna says he’s doing numbers…come back and see if he’s lying)

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