SoundScan Week Ending 12/12/2010: Charlie Wilson and T.I.

A view interesting things this week. We have also included the R&B charts this week to show sales in the Urban Market.
Big week for Charlie Wilson.
Charlie Wilson (Uncle Charlie) sells 57,286 copies and enters the R&B charts at #6.
as indicated with the chart below.

Below is the rap chart for the week ending 12/12/2010.

Here is whats interesting about this week and the significance of Charlie Wilson selling 50k plus this week.
on the R&B side:
Jeremih: All About You/ on the charts 11 weeks (53,971)
Faith Evans: Something About Faith/ on the charts 10 weeks (53,538)
Donell Jones: Lyrics/ on the charts 11 weeks (44,721)
Will Downing: Lust , Love & Lies/on the charts 13 weeks (33,504)
All of the above had at least a 10 week/2 month head start and Charlie Wilson crushed them his first week out.

on the Rap side:
Charlie Wilson outsold the number 11-19 artist COMBINED by 4 units. That list of artists includes Waka Flocka Flame, Soulja Boy, Rick Ross, Lloyd Banks, Slim Thug, Flo Rida, B.O.B., Far East Movement and Kid Cudi.
Shout out to Uncle Charlie for still holding it down…

T.I. enters the charts with a very strong showing at #1 with 159+ in sales. Nicki Minaj hits the gold plateau and looks to catch Kanye is sales in the weeks to come.
Soulja Boy looks to crack the top 5 in sales after the weak showing of last week’s numbers. With Holiday sales coming and the majority of his fans being of that gift giving and receiving age, his sales should spike in the next few weeks or at least remain steady. If not, the panic button is close by for the people at Interscope. Increasing his position from last week is a positive but being outsold by Redman by 2,000+ copies may be a discouraging sign.
Rick Ross also goes Gold.
Florida’s numbers are looking worse than Soulja Boys.
for the week: total rap album sales…582,807…smh.

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