SoundScan Week Ending 12/5/2010: Disturbing Trend

*source: Ridin Durty Tv There are quite a few alarming things about the sales this week. Kanye West held onto the top spot with 108,404 copies sold over Nicki Minaj with a total of 103,149 copies sold. Kanye officially went gold (500,000 copies sold) after week 2 of his release. We can xpect Nicki to do the same next week. As noted in the illustrations, check out the drop off from Nicki at 2nd place to Eminem at 3rd place to Lil Wayne at 4th place. The sales of the number above is almost double of the one below. For the sake of Urban Argument, we have to eliminate Eminem out of the conversation below because he is in a different bracket and African Americans still don’t look at him as one of the top talents in the industry; sadly ALL because of his skin color. With eliminating Eminem from the argument, take a look at the charts below. It is quite obvious that African-Americans are NOT buying music. It is also just as clear and straightforward that almost all of us know where the bootleg is and how to get a copy of every single CD on this chart. As an example, Soulja Boy’s mediocre total sales this week were probably affected by at least half of that total by circulated bootleg CD sales nationwide, combine that with a few bad press items and you get what you have below. *Note, that is as far as we are going with the prompt, dignified and respectful portion of this program….Now onto some real shit. “Niggas are stupid”, quotes Big VicXL of Ridin Durty Radio 89.3 WRFG. “We talk all this big talk about supporting one another and buying black but we all know that the majority is just talking.” VicXL’s comments are straightforward and true, as indicated in the charts below, there are 2 separate sets. One is the Rap Charts. In that chart, a total of 487,193 CDs were sold this week. As a point of reference from viewing last weeks post, Kanye West sold more CDs last week BY HIMSELF, than all sales combined this week. Also in this chart we had 2 debuts in the top 10 rap charts. Slim Thug and Soulja Boy. NEITHER ONE OF THEM SOLD OVER 14,000 CDS! To add insult to injury, Slim Thug outsold Soulja Boy. “Solja Boy is on one of the majors, Interscope. Slim Thug is on E1, a division of Koch Entertainment. That is like David versus Goliath and as that story went David won” further states VicXL. The second chart is the all chart. All music from all categories. This chart drives the fact home that African Americans are not buying music. We cropped as much of this picture as possible so you can get the total numbers of what is really going on. Slim Thug and Soulja Boy were numbers 7 and 8 respectably on the Rap Album Charts. But on the All Charts they rank numbers 78 and 79 out of 200. “That’s rediculous. I talked to at least 10 people and they said they purchased the new Soulja Boy. Problem is, 9 of those 10 purchased them from the neighborhood bootleg. That’s a real problem”, further states VicXL. “Artist are definitely going to have to get on their grind, network, and do as many shows as possible because their money will NOT be coming from shared mechanical royalties and publishing with these numbers. Looking at this (chart), I can see why labels went into 360 deals. they have to get this money back some sort of way. Until the climate is changed, artist and labels are going to have to step their game up and use all of the resources available around them just to break even.”

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