RocHarder Magazine: Bola by Dannie Delish

Bola has paid her dues to the game and deserves the respect; she is showing you the sexy side of the Grand Hustle Family while still holding her own with the guys.

What’s been your biggest musical influence?
“My parents are Nigerian, being there, in Africa, with them it’s like everything (music) comes from here. They support our music and try to imitate American artist. My love from music came from my parents, they may not love rap but they love music.”

How have you evolved as an artist?

“I have the best influences around me…T.I., Dro! [laugh] I sue to be more tomboyish…but now my music has that sexy gangsta feel.

So, where did the nickname Black Betty Boop come from?
“I wanted to introduce myself to the world as me but I was still coming into myself, so, I used her [Betty Boop], to bring me out of my shell.” [laugh]

No you were in a group before you joined PSC/Grand Hustle. Tell me more about that.
“Xtaci. We came into the game together, Sunshine and I. She is my best friend for life…[laugh]! We were the modern day Salt n’ Pepper. Xtaci, was on Young Dro’s first alb

um Best Thang Smokin’, we did a song called 100 yard dash and were on all the DJ Drama, PSC mix-tapes.”

Even Though you are well on your way and working with some of the best artist in the industry, what other artist would you love to work with?
“Definitely Eminem…and Jay, Foxy had the best opportunity to work with him. [For] Female MCs [it] would be Eve. I love the way she came into the game, she came in hard and then converted to that classy MC. I like genuine artist. I don’t hate anything I just prefer real music.
I am the best of both worlds…and it’s real.

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