RocHarder Magazine: Treasured Peace by Belle Beaute

I got a chance to sit down with her despite her busy schedule to get some 411 on what Ms. Treasured Peace has been up to… Having begun singing at the age of 8 she also plays the piano, the drums, and a guitar. “When I picked up the guitar, this is when I realized, singing was my passion”, she explains. She grew up in church mentored by The Prodigals.

Her experience with this group is what prompted her to learn the basis of the business.

RM: What sets you a part from other artist?
TP: I have a niche for this music. I do it all. The type of music I do is different. Pop Rock R&B Country all of it. I try to expand and not limit my music when it comes to that.

RM: What have been your greatest challenges so far?
TP: There are so many challenges in this business that you come across, staying true to yourself and knowing that you can do it. That is the one thing that you have to have more than anything else. That’s what’s gonna make you or break you. That’s what has made me thus far and I’m still not done. Believing in me is a challenge to a certain extent but that can also deter you from it if you don’t believe in you.

RM: Define your music and the appeal it has with your fans.
TP: My music is up tempo and I love to touch people when they hear my song. I have a message in every single song that I sing. I would love to have a message in every song I do. That is how I
stay true to my fan base, touching their hearts.

RM: What was your life before music?
TP: Ahhh man, I was doing so much before music. I was modeling for my mother’s salon, Motivation Salon. Hair Shows. Back and forth from DC to Cleveland.Washing hair in my mom’s salon. Worked at McDonalds, sold security systems for ADT. (laughs) Anything to get money.

RM: What’s the game plan for 2011?
TP: To expand and spread out nationally. Gain more exposure and break into radio play.

RM: Who are your musical role models and why?
TP: Mary J. Blige b/c she keeps it real. She touches you. She has message behind her songs. When people hear my songs I want them to be touched. She talks about the struggles and is not afraid to let you know what she has been through. Michael and Janet Jackson. Mariah Carey.

RM: How can people hear more of your music?
TP: Check me out on YouTube>>>TreasuredPeace808

RM: Any last words?
TP: Rocharder goes HARD in the paint and definitely support
them to the end.

Twitter @TreasuredPeace

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