RocHarder Magazine: 4-Wall: United They Stand by Lola Sims

What do you get when you mix the hometown flavor of Macon, GA and the big city lights of Atlanta, GA? That answer is Fowall, a three man collective of true family. Inspired by their dedication to make it and carry on the legacy of their fourth member, who passed away in 2004, you could say this last year has been more than big for them. With their new singles, “Shawty Bad” and “Check My Swagg,” it shouldn’t be long before they’re on everybody’s radar.

Where did the name Fowall come from?
When we first formed the group, there were originally four of us. Tavoris Brown was our fourth member, but he passed away in 2004. Because we started this thing as a group we decided to not
change the name, and to keep his legacy going through music. For us, it’s basically together as one for all and together we stand, but divided we fall.

What is Home Team Entertainment, and how are you all connected?
Home Team Entertainment is our label. We are all family when it comes down to it. It’s run by Antwan “Dirty Redd” Johnson, Algernon “A-fi” Foster, and Antone “Tecc” Johnson. While Tecc and
A-fi are brothers, Dirty Redd is the blood uncle. So you see we’re really all family.

How would you describe your style of music?
Our style of music is basically that down South hip hop feel, only the real stuff though. Honestly for us everything is the truth, and everything comes from the heart and mind.

What single are you all working right now?
Right now we’re working a single called, “Shawty Bad,” which of course gets all of the ladies attention and has become a favorite for them. We also have, “Check My Swagg” that is also doing well.

Being from Macon, how important is it for y’all to make sure you launch from Atlanta as well?
For us Atlanta is like our second home, and that’s where all the opportunity is for bigger chances with us. It does however feel good that we’re comfortable enough to be able to maneuver around
like we do here, since it is like our second home. But it’s also important for people to know that we’re from Macon, GA. Because we’re proud of that.

What’s up next for you guys?
Besides continuing to make good music and come up with hot concepts, we are preparing for the release of our mixtape, Keepin It G vol.1, which will have all of our hottest cuts. Feel free to check
us out at


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