Leaked Nude Chris Brown Photos


As a journalist, we struggle with a few things. Integrity, honesty of sources, reputation, and reliability. We at Hip Hop Encounter, we try to supply you with all things Hip Hop related. Bad news, good news, etc… Ever so ofter, we come across a few issues that put us in a moral dilemma.

Do we print the story or not.

As a media outlet, it is our duty to do so. Honestly, if we don’t someone else will.

As human beings we have to understand that sometimes these are people’s live that are at stake….

and yet regardless of the circumstances, we still hit print and publish.

Today brings that dilemma for me.

I am a real fan of Chris Brown. I honestly think he is this generations Michael Jackson.

Today as I awake I find in my inbox a picture of a naked Chris Brown. My dilemma, to print or not to print.

I don’t know if this is a marketing scheme for him to sell more records. (He will definitely get more female fans after this one drops ) Or is it to combat the recently leaked photos of the Rihanna and His fight months back?

I don’t know.

As a person I am struggling with this but as a business, a media outlet, a reputable source for Hip Hop I must print the pic. I apologize to Chris Brown and his people ahead of time.




**just remember, I didn’t take the picture and it is quite obvious who leaked the photo**


Below is the actual Chris Brown Twitter Feed, I am sure there is more to come

Actual Worldstar release


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