A note to my clients and contacts from Jennifer A. Herman of www.jenniferalysemanagement.com

Looks like I am not the only one upset with Elevated Scott:

A note to my clients and contacts…



Hi again!

Just wanted to give you an update on the previous information that I have provided to you regarding GlobalAttackMixtapes.com

Unfortunately,  It has come to my attention that the founder and creator of the Global Attack Mixtape Series is probably not someone to be trusted.  I am not saying that the mixtape as a whole is a bad idea, or even that it is a scam, that is yet to be seen, as I am unsure of the outcome, please do not misinterpret what I am about to say.

It has become painfully apparent to me in less then the last 24 hours that the man Scott McDowell (AKA. Elevated Scott) is a man of quick temper, unattainable expectations, sexiest behavior and poor business sense.

He has mentioned to me in our brief moment of knowing each other, that he does not care about the artists, is not even a hip hop fan, and that he is doing this strictly to make money.  Now, YES, PLEASE UNDERSTAND ME. Music is a BUSINESS, a high paying business… if done correctly.  I am fully aware of this.  Honestly I would not be in it myself if I did not see the value of the dollar in it.

HOWEVER, I believe the foundation of Hip Hop was built on family, loyalty, political awareness, passion and for the love of music.  ‘Elevated Scott’ posses non of these characteristics, and for one, is someone whom I personally choose to no longer support and or work with.

I am not here to tell you to not submit to the mixtape, that is your own choice. In fact, you may do so here. I for one obviously thought that it was a great opportunity for unsigned artists to receive (what they are calling) global distribution, and  have the chance to be on a mix tape with some industry hitters.

It is mainly that I value you as artists, working hard everyday to make the music that you love, in hopes of one day sharing it with the masses.   I would hate to have my name tied to something that may have the potential to turn sour for you.  As the personal and trusted contacts that I consider you, I felt personally responsible to contact you with this amendment of my standing on not so much the Global Attack Mixtape, but the founder and creator, Scott McDowell and Elevated Entertainment.

In fact, upon doing some research I found an article that pretty much sums up the way I for see Scott handling all of his business transactions.  Just be forewarned if you do so choose to get involved.


I will spare you reciting the verbal word vomit that I recently received via text (as he has no time for phone calls) but just trust me, after spending all day repping his company, it is surprising how rather similar it is to what you see above in the image.

I am sorry for the length in this email, I just wanted to let you know where I stand on this, as I do consider most, if not all of you very respectable business associates and friends.

May I recommend you check out http://www.idjfirstlook.com/ to receive the same digital distribution package as with Global Attack Mixtapes, for a fraction of the cost.

In fact, check out www.OnTymeMusicMarketing.com —> where we will soon be offering this same service to you as well, minus the fees included to help pay for my condo in the hollywood hills.

Thank you,

Jennifer A. Herman



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