Ween ending 4/17 Soundscan charts: The power of Nicki

The Pink Friday Cd has been out 22 weeks now and it is still in the top 5 in sales. In addition to that, Nicki is the ONLY female MC listed on this entire chart. The closest is Salt-N-Pepa’s Icon CD at 97 (2,090 in sales) and Trina’s Amazin CD at 100 (96,615 in sales.  Nicki is not only winning but she is doing it in a heavily enfuzed male dominated genre. With total sales of 1,313,208, she is gaining ground on fellow labelmate Drake who has been out twice as long (45 weeks) with 1,377,698 total sales.

With Hip Hop not only being male dominant and sexist, we salute Nicki for what she is doing. It isnt easy competing for attention on the same label as Lil Wayne, Drake, Baby and more; but she is doing so with ease. It also doesn’t hurt that Lil Kim is steady throwing jabs further publicizing the efforts of Nicki but with each video, each radio play, and more importantly, with each CD being sold, it shows that women support their own FIRST.

Female MCs out there, get off your ass and come and get some of this money.

On a side note, i guess showing off his penis worked because Chris Brown is 1-2 weeks away from going Gold after only being out for 5 weeks. Wiz Khalifa’s CD is on the R&B charts, wtf? as well as Atmosphere, Kirk Franklin, Nicki Minaj, Eminem, Lupe Fiasco and Mary Mary to round out the top 10. What since it’s urban, it’s Rhythm and Blue’s?
The true top 10 should read Chris Brown, Marsha Ambrosius, Miguel, R Kelly, Mint condition, Trey Songz, Kem, Keri Hilson, Bobby V, and Jerimih.
Keri Hilson is 25th? expect that to change next week after the release of a banger and smokin hot video with Chris Brown. She should crack the top 10 again, UNLESS they release the track as a single.


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