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A message from Coast2Coast and Jango Airplay

Coast2Coast recently teamed up with Jango Airplay to get your music played to Millions of active music fans that listen to their favorite artists on Your music plays right along side the biggest names that you choose in Jango’s custom radio stations.

Jango Airplay plays your music to their fans!

Click HERE to set up a Jango Airplay account (if you don’t already have one) and receive 100 Guaranteed Spins on for FREE.
  • Get detailed reports on what artists your fans like most (you thought it was Jay-Z? But your fans like Lil’ Wayne more! Are you more like Kanye West or Eminem?
  • Discover where you are popular. Do more people like you in Germany or California? If it’s California you can re-target your plays to only play in California.
  • Send emails and bulletins to all your new Jango Fans; Jango is Social Radio.
  • And most importantly, your music plays right alongside all the big name artists to their fans.
And to top all that off, each week Jango Airplay gives away 1000’s of bonus Airplay Credits to the artists that resonate most with listeners on
Jango Airplay is a great way to get your music heard!
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