The Local Motive EP by Sir Thomas Review

The history of a themed EP release has deep roots in Hip Hop. Such has been traditionally used as a tool to showcase an artist’s growth in style involving his or her musical persona in a non intrusive, attention grabbing format.

Sir Thomas, with the recent release of his new EP entitled “The Local Motive EP” shows he is not only well versed in his Hip Hop history, but likewise has a unique and tantalizing stylistic approach that is as fresh as it is addictive.

The title, as Thompson Entertainment Group’s featured artist Sir Thomas notes, evolved from a general “home grown” show of respect regarding his local hip hop scenes of Dallas and Fort Worth Texas The collection of six tracks, however, showcases his influences stemming from multiple

scenes Sir Thomas frequents. Though hailing from Texas, Sir Thomas has spent time and gained influences from such areas as the Atlanta, Georgia, Macon, Georgia and even Boulder, Colorado Hip Hop scenes. For example, the track “Nothing in This World”, featuring Atlanta native Ceely (Vice City Records) and Macon’s singer-songwriter star Chelsea Hughes, drives home a saucy hook and a layered melodic verse while maintaining a deep southern club anthem by Georgia Producer G Man Fantastic. Likewise, Thomas stays true to his roots with the unique and emotional “Loko->Local” introduction-turned-aggression montage, and with the track “All Good” which speaks of a more raw-Texas street style lyrical approach. Finally, Sir Thomas ventures into new turf with the almost psychotic track “Feelin’ Good”, a hip-hop electric mixture which comes out pleasing both easy listeners as well as Hip Hop Heads of the modern century.

All in all, Sir Thomas’s “The Local Motive EP” is an epic introduction that serves its position as his first official project release quite well. All in All, “The Local Motive EP”” seems to be the beginning of a seemingly lengthy musical career full of artistic growth and diversity.

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