Aaron Heath aka Mr. Georgia Black was born and raised in a small town south of Atlanta, Georgia called Newnan. He came from a family of 8 siblings; however everything wasn’t peachy and cream. He never really got the attention he yearned for, and like most of America’s black male youth he was bound to take the wrong path and he did. He now found himself hanging out with the wrong crowd. Trying to replace that empty feeling that he felt inside, he acted out in some illegal activities which landed him in jail at an early age! He was taken from his family and shipped right into the system that would eventually raise him. Of course though he rebelled in jail which landed him 6 years to the door; so with nothing but time he began to write what he was feeling in his heart. The hurt, the pain, the anger, the disappointment of not having his family around, all these factors contributed to what he was writing. He went on to express his self through rap, in which all of his inmates said he had a gift. Right then, he knew that was his way out of the life he had been living. He now dreamed for a chance for stardom.
He went on to link up with a well-known label Street Talk Entertainment which landed a major deal in 2002 with the 404 Soldierz. Here, he sharpened his craft working with world renown artist such as Lil Jon, Swizz Beatz, Akon, Outlaws, and Killer Mike just to name a few. From there he went on recording songs; finding his swag, doing shows, making a name for himself. Tragedy would soon strike doing this process as he lost his brother in the struggle. From this day forward he would dedicate his whole career to his brother. He went on to link up with a producer he jelled particularly well with by the name of Big Ross, and they went into the studio and came out with some heat.
While out on his grind doing shows in many different venues, he constantly kept running into an independent label from his hometown that seemed to have the same drive and determination as he did. The FACES were everywhere and they looked very appealing to the hungry rapper from Newnan, GA. The label was 2-Tears Entertainment and it was only a matter of time before Mr. Georgia Black and the label making moves across the Southeast were going to join forces. With 2-Tears he found that family atmosphere in the music industry that he had been missing for so long.
In early 2011 Black and Yung Ralph linked up at a local Atlanta night club and decided that it was time for the two of them to give the world a new single that would emphasize the importance of swag on a whole new level. So with that, they linked up with super producer Blac Boi and begin to work on a new joint called “Take A Picture”. Its quickly gaining radio rotation in different southeast markets and comtinues to grow by the day. So check out Mr. Georgia Black with his new single “Take A Picture”!!!

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