A Rap/Hip-Hop group from Memphis, Tennessee comprised of three artists by the names of D.T., YoJi, & Roland Stone. They each bring something different to the group which makes them unique as a whole. Their universal musical concepts mixed with their southern background creates a one of a kind sound, making it hard to compare Those Guyz to any group past or present. Never has there been such an eclectic group. Those Guyz are etching a lane of their own. Not to sound cliche’ but all in all, Those Guyz are a “breath of fresh air” and quite possibly what the game is missing at this point in time. Their debut self-titled mixtape is hosted/co-signed by DJ Don Cannon. This endorsement alone speaks volumes. “Resume”, the lead song on the mixtape explains Those Guyz’ individual backgrounds and lets you know that they’re not new to the Rap/Hip-Hop game. This is an example of what they call “Life on a beat”. Those Guyz plan on taking their music around the world so if you ever hear someone ask “Who are Those Guyz?” you can be the first to let them know.

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