Yun Quest born in Columbus, Ga raised in Phenix City is a charismatic and very creative individual. Yun Quest’s music is an honest reflection of his life story -He is a very open-minded, intelligent individual that has an aggressive delivery with a focus on cutting edge production. Yun Quest exudes his outlook on society through his art and passion which is expressed in a very innovative and intellectual way. Every now and then he will put humor into his rhymes to get the point across but metaphors are not his goal. An artist that desires to paint a portrait for anyone going through parallel situations Yun Quest is not the type to glorify the drug dealing, gang banging, or stupid random acts of violence. His motto which is very direct in his music is “Get it How U Live” as long as it serves a purpose and you have a plan, set goals. His music is neither street nor Hollywood, yet it could still be put out for mainstream. It’s basically motivational, realistic anthems for the average man with a dream to relate to. He talks about real life situations while providing an uplifting impulsive sound for those doing what they have to do to survive. Like people who are working 9 to 5’s, stripping, trapping, and CEOs who must keep a corporation going. Yun Quest’s music is very passionate but is still a honest reflection of his life story. His track “TIMEZ TEN” is an explosive banger that is guaranteed club smash for the summer!!! This is the first single off his upcoming Independent Album titled 3885:Reflectionz. Bottom line Yun Quest is an artist that the music industry needs and is ready to embrace. HANDS DOWN!!!

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