Kontroversy Committee – “ANGEL” – Seeing Airplay & Interviews

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1.Kontroversy Committee: “ANGEL”


In an industry based solely on gimmicks, Kontroversy Committee is hoping to shake the business. With their unique individuality, comes a fresh sound.

Originally from Los Angeles, ON 1 and E-luzhen learned that growing up on the streets of L.A. is a tough life. With all the gang violence, both ON 1 and E-luzhen’s families decided to move them out of Los Angeles to more “family friendly” neighborhoods. ON 1, who’s family originates from Guatemala, grew up in Inglewood, CA. After twelve years, he then relocated to the Antelope Valley where he resides today. E-luzhen grew up in a Mexican American home in the San Fernando Valley, just outside of Los Angeles. When E-luzhen’s family moved shortly to the Antelope Valley, Kontroversy Committee was developed. After developing a good friendship in high school and creating the sound that is Kontroversy, E-luzhen was suddenly moved back to the San Fernando Valley where he continued to grind and stir up a buzz, working with artists such as Kurupt, Rass Kass and also catching the ear of Deathrow CEO Suge Knight. Although Suge planned on signing E-luzhen, Suge ended up getting locked up and the deal fell through. Currently they have signed With West Swagg Music Group who has partnered with Universal Bungalo, to take the gentlemen to new heights in their career.

Today, Kontroversy is stirring up just that. Crowds expect to hear the typical “Chicano Gangsta Rap” when Kontroversy Committee hits the stage, but instead are treated with the most impeccable sound of Hip-Hop, Rap, and R&B beats. Their lyrics are unique, their metaphors creative and style is original.

Kontroversy Committee’s current single “Angel,” off their ground breaking “This Changes Everything” EP, is sure to place Kontroversy Committee on the forefront of the new west movement with a new Album name, A.L.A.N.E. (All Latinos Are Not Equal) ON 1 and E-luzhen are ready to be the new representatives for the Latino culture.

Kontroversy Committee has performed many showcases opening up for many artists from Jon B to Glasses Malone, and possess the talent that has landed them their recent label deal with WestSwagg Music Group / Universal Bungalo. The gentlemen are not your typical Hip-Hop artists. They come with a new fresh sound, they are not afraid to take a risk and for that reason they will soar in the music industry!


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