Musicians Survival 101: Your Identity

Now that you have all of the basics that were covered in the last segment taken care of, we can now move on to the next segment: Your Ident


I am not sure what type of music that you do or where you are on this planet but the same applies to everyone; you are YOU and YOU want people to recognize YOU from everyone else.

The best way to differentiate yourself from everyone else out there is to have one central location for your fans to find YOU so they do not have to search for you.

Before you c

an go into the digital element and begin viral marketing or before you can start sending status updates on various social media sites, YOU must have your own website.

It is something that you could do later but to start out with it would be a huge advantage.

With the information that was covered in ‘Getting Started’, you should have all of the content necessary for compiling your very own website.

If you do not have a web developer, you may need to begin looking for one or at least get yourself familiar with basic web based coding (html or css).

If you are som

ewhat familiar with how you want your website to look then you do have a few options. You could use a few ‘hosting sites’ that display content for you.  There are quite a few respectable websites that are hosted by Blogger, WordPress, TumBlr, LiveJournal, and Squarespace; to name a few, and most of them are FREE. However, each of these FREE sites limits your visual options and some may place ads on your site. Most of them set up a semi sub domain for you so the official url will read or Sorry but it comes with the territory of being FREE.

If you are somewhat familiar with HTML code and CSS, you could try Wix or Webs to create yourself a website. The basic sites are FREE but if you want to get an elevated package, you can become a subscriber. Same rules apply as far as the ad space too.

As a recommendation, if the FREE route is the path that you are going to take, purchase your own url from GoDaddy and then point your url to the desired hosting site. Be advised that only the front page will show, the other pages will show as indicted above unless you pay for an elevated package and remove all advertising.

If you do not have any

desire to learn HTML or CSS and you are going to pay someone to build your website please do your homework and research website development rates. You do not need anything fancy yet, just something that can host all of your content in one central location.

Of the above options, I would recommend using  Once you get the hang of learning the control panel, move on to hosting your own WordPress based site after purchasing a hosting service from GoDaddy. They have their own control panel that will install WordPress for you and there are quite a few musician and music related WordPress Themes available that are fashionable and user friendly.

Basic we

bsites set-ups consist of a home page, an about us/bio page, a picture gallery, a media gallery (videos and music), a contact page and maybe an event or calendar page.

Please be advised that the price difference from a 1 page website to a 6 page website should not be that great. Please research your options.

It is hard enough for musicians to make it without everyone trying to stick their hands in your pocket.

Get this vital piece taken care of and come back next time as you begin networking on over 20 different websites all at once.

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