Who is Posh – Enjoy this interview on Posh Dance Crew

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Who are POSH???

Interview By: Randy Mason
for www.TheConnexList.com


“Give it up for the band!” Is a phrase often heard at concerts, but how about the dancers? Back up dancers have long been the unsung heroes responsible for supplying the theatrics artist need to put on the most thrilling and exciting show possible. Dancers- actual trained dancers not to be mistaken with “video vixens” are athletes’ in every sense of the word. POSH is an incredibly versatile dance crew representing NY, consisting of seven ladies with a burning passion for dance. So for those of you who don’t know, the ladies were kind enough to break it down.
Don’t sleep; I highly doubt you can achieve such flexibility and or such a confident smile mid air.

When did Posh originate?

Kelly: Posh was technically born January 2010 but has been a lifelong dream of mine and Avrey’s..We were kicking around the dream and said lets just do it–and we did…

Does Dance as an art receive the respect and recognition it deserves?

Kelly: Yes. I definitely feel we have come a long way..Dancers are pure athletes and I feel that with how hot dance is right now more and more people are realizing that..You don’t need to be stick thin and its praised upon that a Hip Hop dancer can also do Contemporary.

How was it auditioning for Americas next dance crew?

Kelly: It was one of the most self rewarding, group rewarding, emotional, exciting, scary, thrilling experiences we have ever had..It meant a lot to us because talent producer, Lacy Forrest contacted us to come to the audition. It was an experience that we will never forget and it brought us so much tighter and stronger as a group

How did Posh incorporate Hip Hop dance into the repertoire?

Kelly: Avrey is definitely our go to girl with Hip Hop but we all had different encounters with the style of hip hop, some took Class, some had it naturally, others learned it being on professional Dance teams and from that we fused our styles together.

A lot of dancers in mainstream Hip Hop videos are criticized for promoting stereo types, participating in self demoralization, and basically just selling sex in music videos as opposed to any actual artistic contribution.
What is your opinion on how women are portrayed in mainstream music videos, and how do Posh keep integrity, art, and professionalism in tact?

Kelly: We don’t judge..We may not agree or do certain things mainstream Hip Hop videos request but that’s ok…We have a “sexy” swagger. we always say you don’t need to be trashy to be sexy and we use class mixed with sass. we are someone’s daughter, sister, aunt, mother and teacher, we want to make them all proud…

Seven is a lot of members to keep on one page, how do you all move in one accord? Balancing Schedule//Personal life.

Kelly: Well dancing for about 12 yrs together makes it soo easy to dance like one…we know each other like sisters so we literally feed off each other..That’s the easy part…
Scheduling is the craziest…it is extremely difficult..Between the 7 of us you have dance instructors, business owners, make-up artist, personal trainer, deaf interpreter, full time workers, taking dance class, pursing our dance careers and my important job of being a mom…but we make it work for the love of dance, for the love we have for POSH

Do you think people are paying more attention to the art of dance now, if so why?

Kelly: Without a doubt people are definitely taking notice and that’s a breath of fresh air… It’s so rewarding to know people are seeing the amount of work it takes to become a well rounded dancer..Dance is not an easy sport and believe me it is a sport..

A dancers work load I imagine is similar to that of an athlete, how do you all stay in shape and prevent injury?

Kelly: That is a huge part of our lives..not only do we take dance classes to keep up on our craft we also use the gym as a part of our regime (this helps with stamina and strengthening) yoga is another great way we keep flexible and to release stress… we are also starting a boot camp for our crew to do monthly to keep us in tip top shape. As far as diets, there is no diet, its a way of a healthy life…Clean eating is the way to go..Our bodies are like cars that needs to keep that gas tank filled…We do not starve ourselves at all..We keep our engine filled with high protein filled foods…
But we do like our treats too. It’s all about moderation

What would be the ideal future for Posh?

Kelly: POSH is a well rounded group so to have our hands in everything…I would love to have POSH involved in music videos, fashion shows, modeling, any event that we can give back, such as benefits and fundraiser’s…I want producers, directors, event planners, etc,,,,to say we want POSH for our next event…What separates us from everyone else is that we can do Hip Hop to 80’s, disco to 50’s swing, Broadway to contemporary ,,so for every event or job we are presented with, POSH can deliver..



Kelly Coghlan –Founder/Artistic Director–I choreograph and oversee the business./ dancer.
Avrey Pellicane –Co-founder/manager–choreographer and networks for up coming events/ dancer
Anesha Reade–Choreographer and makeup artists/dancer
Alyssa Knudsen–Public Relations for POSH / dancer
Taylor Pellicane–Assistant choreographer/ dancer
Keiann Roberts–Dancer
Michelle Dondero–Dancer


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