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Headitor Of SHEmovement LAURICA BROWN

We are always keeping an eye out for people interested in becoming contributors to SheMovement.

We have a new member to the family of contributors at . Kyle Eustice is a journalist, PR agent and Hip Hop head with more than six years of experience under her belt. We look forward to building with Kyle to witnessing her amazing work. Kyle Eustice.

If you are would like to contribute stories, interviews, music or updates to, emails us at or email Laurica Brown at


SIYA Releases VIDEO from her Elevator Dreams Mixtape

Lady L.U.S.T

Siya has released a music video for another song from her recent mixtape “Elevator Dreams”. The video is for her collaboration with Rocksmith Tokyo entitled “I’m Gone”. Directed by Mike Ho of Los Angeles, the video is a follow-up to the single “Smoke, Drink”. To view the music video and to download the mixtape “Elevator Dreams”, visit
We are always keeping an eye out for people interested in becoming contributors to SheMovement. If you are would like to contribute stories, interviews, music or updates to, emails us at or email Laurica Brown at


Rapper Fiona Simone launches Tomboy Fresh clothing line summer collection.

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On April 7th, rapper Fiona Simone launched the summer collection of her Tomboy Fresh clothing line. Since 2009, Fiona Simone has been accessing her skills as a graphic artist to create T-Shirts, sweaters and hats that celebrate the spirit of nonconforming women. This is the third in a series of collections that Fiona has designed since the creation of her Tomboy Fresh Crew, a collective artists based out of Atlanta Georgia. The Tomboy Fresh clothing line is available for purchase online and at shows throughout California. To find out more about the Tomboy Fresh Crew, the Tomboy Fresh Clothing line and to view a schedule of Fiona’s events and performances, go to


The ShePeople’s Collective from Oakland, Ca.

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The ShePeople’s is a collective of female vocalists, musicians, poets, dancers, filmmakers, visual artists, and craft makers craft makers based in Oakland, Ca. The collective was started by Valerie Trout …The April 15th showcase featured Spoken word artist Queen D, rapper and musician Qui510, vocalist Sheena Goss, visual artist Corinna Nicole and more. To find out more about upcoming ShePeople’s monthly showcases or to be included in the lineup, go to


Las Vegas rapper Lady L.U.S.T.Mixtape released

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Las Vegas rapper Lady L.U.S.T. released a mixtape of new material in late March. The mixtape entitled “God, Fear and Money” features collaborations with Kandi Cole, KIN4LIFE, Neb Luv, Charlie Elle and more. To download the mixtape and to find out more about Lady L.U.S.T., go to


SHEtv The HOT 3 VIDEOS! MAY 2011

Old School 76 is a major uploading contributor to the SHEmovement of Women in Hip Hop and RAP. He had put in many years in the original as a major board operator. Now his uploads of much music, video, and story for Sisters in Hip Hop Everywhere has put a stamp on the movement with this statement;


B.B.O.D. / Teach Me How To Dougie

Scroll to check Out B.B.O.D. / Teach Me How To Dougie


RAH DIGGA / This Ain’t No Lil Kid Rap

Scroll to check Out RAH DIGGA / This Ain’t No Lil Kid Rap



Scroll to check Out TORRELL MEDLEY / Rock Da Party


CHECK OUT The LADIES ROOM and SHEradio LIVE Thursday Nights 8P -11P and ARCHIVED on on your Phones , Pads, Androids, Laptops, ETC.

Rapsody, also known as the “First Lady of Jamla heard on



Click on Image to check out Jezebel

Born in the murder capitol city of St. Louis, Missouri, Jezebel would face lifes’ toughest lessons early on. She struggled with the desire to dream and the realities of urban life. She escaped through reading books and outlets such as choir, dance, theater, and listening to music.

Inspired by rap legend Tupac Shakur. He spoke to her pain and in his words she found strength to channel tragedy into rhyme while staying in group homes & shelters as a teen, she found countless mistakes and lessons learned A true advocate for young girls and lost youth. A relating female rap icon that would inspire and aspire to be a responsible leader more info can be found @ show her some love

Click on Image to check out Cate Storm

CATE STORM was born on the East Coast of Africa in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. She moved to Europe at the age of 3 and ended up in the United States when she was 5 , the same year she arranged her first song. She began writing pop, r&b and rap songs and recorded her first song at the age of 12

CATE STORM has performed at Major Music festivals: Coachella, SXSW, Summer Jam, Mutek, Sunset strip Festival and many more! When it comes to female entertainers, very few can bring it all to the table. Beauty, confidence, and knowledge are power, and CATE STORM exudes all of these qualities effortlessly. Her amazing hit songwriting ability enables her to connect to her listeners emotionally, which is the hallmark of timeless music

CATE’s songwriting has proved beneficial as she has used her strength towards ghost writing for many of the industry’s leading performers She is a true songwriter with amazing story telling abilities.

official web site:



Click Image to Check Her out on Facebook

Female emcee based out of Chicago that doesn’t rap for the attention, it’s about her life and what’s around. J.O.V wants people to feel motivated and positive after listening to her music.
Female producer, lyricist, emcee, and aspiring filmmaker that’s been producing since late 2008 and rhyming since early 2009.

Making music was first a hobby, now has become her first love

J.O.V is inspired by emcees, singers, and producers out there, especially the ones who are independent making music she can relate to her goal as a musician is to learn to be a better musician, and to learn from others.

Check Her out on Facebook

Click Image to Chek Out Alyssa Marie on Twitter

The name is Alyssa Marie. Born in Brockton, MA. 22 years old as of April 2, 2011 .Mixed with a variety of different ethnicities, mostly Lebanese. made the transition from poetry to rap at the age 14-15.
The best way you can really get to know Alyssa Marie is through her music. More info can be found @


Women in HIP HOP Send CONTENT To

We are always accepting submissions of music, video, topics for articles and news updates. If there are any artists you would like to see incorporate into SHEmovement or topics of discussion for upcoming articles, please feel free to contact us at You can also follow us on twitter at

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SHEmovement is committed to offering this platform as a space for partnership between all cultural workers (artists, fans, writers, activists and supporters) in an effort to consolidate the work of those committed to increasing the presence and representation of women in Hip Hop.

There is no such thing as Hip Hop without the women. We do not submit to the (false) idea that women are invisible or mere accessories to the production of Hip Hop culture. At SHEmovement, we are dedicated to charting and sharing the contributions of women from the past, present and future.

SHEmovement is a rare portal supplying essential tools for artists in the audio-visual arena. We offer services in aggregation and stream casting not readily available on other social platforms. We are the destination for uploading of works into a focused network of artists. We are not simply as source for social networking, although our goal is to act as a bridge between artists, writers and fans.
We are not in competition with other sites or platforms dedicated women in Hip Hop. Rather, SHEmovemet is a global we community that hopes to function as an umbrella site that showcases the vast amount of women worldwide who love, live, create and support Hip Hop culture.


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