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SLAMjamz Newsletter AUGUST 2011


News From The President DJ Johnny ‘JUICE’ Rosado


.Hello all.

This is Johnny “Juice” Rosado. I am the newly appointed President of SLAMjamz Records. Started by Chuck D of Public Enemy in 1996, SLAMjamz has previously been primarily a Hip-Hop label but in recent months, I have decided to change not only the direction of the label but also the talent and the theme.

SLAMjamz will be a “CLASSIC ARTIST” label. We will sign either Classic Acts or Acts that have the POTENTIAL to be Classic Acts in the future.

We operate on a different paradigm than the same old traditional Major Label or even Indie Label mentality. The artists get a full 50% off of every sale from downloads. The artists retain ownership of their masters. The artists have creative control (although the label does have a rigorous Quality Control procedure to ensure quality output.) The purpose of SLAMjamz is to offset the mundane and dumbed-down output from the current stable of Major label artists with POSITIVE, WELL RECORDED, WELL CONCEIVED, and WELL PRODUCED songs and video product by GREAT ARTISTS. We also require a vast amount of multimedia and inter-network communication and visibility of our artists. This includes blogs, webisodes, Web Radio output, etc. The internet is nebulous and far-reaching but often too scattered for most people to effectively launch campaigns that mean anything. Chuck D and his team have been working to establish an Inter-Network of websites and services meant to consolidate areas in which artists can not only make headway, but thrive.

We don’t “sign” groups to multi-album “deals” that suck the artists dry. We only concentrate on one project or album at a time. This gives everyone flexibility. At SLAMjamz, our staff have been (or still are) artists themselves so we know how important it is to retain rights for your work and to also be able to get a fair deal.

Every artist signed has a different deal because every artist is different and require a different framework in order for us to collaborate. This is no different here. I look forward to sketching out the terms required to put together a successful record together and working it.

Johnny “Juice” Rosado


Emmy Nominated Composer
Skype: DJJohnnyJuice

The 21st Century Recording Label

The Radio’s Afraid To Play A Hand Grenade

Friday Nights 8-10pm WBAI 99.5 FM

24 Years of Fighting the Power

SLAMjamz Beats and Places NEWS Summer 2011

Drawing of SON OF BAZERK with his BAD SELF!

SON OF BAZERK plans a song a month for free download as well as acapellas available for world remixing, SON OF BAZERK is also preparing for webTV talkshow on RSTV aka RAPstationTV….

Chuck D has penned 4 songs for CU NEXT WEEKEND,The Bay Area based band is working on 2 albums..

PROFESSOR GRIFF is producing NME SUN featuring the sons of PUBLIC ENEMY, production and concept is also being contributed by BROTHER JAMES NOORMAN and DJ JOHNNY JUICE ..

CHUCK D will emerge with another album called THE BLACK IN MAN whereas he will compile 75% of various tracks with new tracks taking on genres like country with the possibility of Hick Hop artist COWBOY TROY producing.

Kansas Citys HEET MOB is releasing more singles off their FOUND MISSIN album , this album needs to be seen and heard as videos are definitely planned.


Tijana BASS ‘FACE of FREEDOM’ Project Emerging as Great Anti-WAR Political Statement.

Tijana bASS Face Of Freedom VIDEO over 50,000 views

Tijana bASS Face Of Freedom video has reached a small accomplishment in the world of indie labels. In just one month time of its release to the public
Ms.Tijana Bass has become the first SLAMjamz records artist to have reached 50,000 YouTube views and climbing.

Tijana would like to thank her manager Sean StuddahMan De Vore,Chuck D her mentor,Kaly Kolonic her PR agent, David Burk the FOF video director and Johnny Juice Rosado the President of SLAMjamz and the entire staff for doing what people said couldn’t be done. If life and everything was easy to obtain, then we wouldn’t have the wants and desires to work hard at something..PEace


DJ Johnny JUICE, Mistachuck Participate in HipHop Heals Project In Harlem

Hip Hop H.E.A.L.S (Healthy Eating And Living in Schools)™ is an innovative and culturally tailored program that focuses on increasing calorie literacy among pre-adolescents.A great event attended on JUNE 9TH included Artie Green, and Easy AD from the Cold Crush Brothers. The Picture above White House Chef Sam Kass, Johnny Juice, Chuck D,Rep Charles Rangel, DMC, Dr Olajide Willaims

By targeting pre-adolescent children in communities with a disproportionate burden of obesity and it’s related illnesses, HEALS delivers an interactive and exciting calorie-centered educational intervention to children and their parents with the goal of imparting behavioral skills required to manage calories, and behavioral changes required to maintain or initiate a healthy lifestyle.

SLAMjamz has four songs on the project soundtrack by Chuck D, Crew Grrl Order, the HEET MOB, Kyle Jason and Dj Johnny JUICE Rosado as well as the visual end supplied in film and video by David CDOC Snyder.


The Impossebulls Release Japan Relief Song

GET The Impossebulls SONG here

As a tribute to the strength and courage of the people of Japan, the Bulls would like to offer a song in their honor. Although it’s obviously not nearly enough, we want them to know that our thoughts and prayers are with them, and that Hiphop can always help those who are willing to listen.

Keep fighting the good fight, continue to believe in life, support those who need help, and know that you are not alone. We are all survivors at one time or another.

Vocals: Marcus J Gilligan, MistaChuck, Def Chad

Produced and Mixed by C-Doc for DefBeat Posse Productions, ID!


Crew Grrl Order Releases GO SLOW WHOA While Completing Solo Albums !

This CREW GRRL ORDER single is a part of a National Health Initiative and a soundtrack to get citizens and especially young people toward a more nutritional diet. Eating healthy is not just about calories and how much you eat- it’s about making smart and healthy choices. Not all foods are alike; not all calories are alike. The choices you make impact your overall health by providing the nutrition you need to stay healthy and recover quickly when you are ill. According to the traffic light model, foods are grouped into three categories: Go, Slow, and Whoa, for the three colors of the traffic light- green, yellow and red. Similar to a street traffic light, the Go, Slow, and Whoa groups each represent specific signals, or messages, for eaters.

Crew Grrl Order is staying fresh and current while making important meaningful strides together and individually. The single GO SLOW WHOA is a download looking to bring attention to a Health initiative headed by Dr Olajide Williams at Harlem Hospital.

The HIP HOP HEALS Project was unbowed last month with many representatives and dignitaries involved into blending the uses of HIP HOP culture and entertainment to making the black and Latino communities better aware of diet alternatives. CGO is still aiming their ‘FIRST LADY’ song tribute dedication to Mrs Michelle Obama reviewed by the WHITE HOUSE

Lady Payn is currently working on a solo album. She is also launching her Non Profit Organization S.H.E. Ministries (Strength, Healing, and Encouragement.) She is also working on her group homes and transitional homes as well.

Retina is working on her solo album as well as performing all along the East Coast!

Cleo Jones just launched the Queen Cleopatra Jewelry Collection this week at Atlanta’s Americasmart. Her solo CD release date is July 16 and she will be performing at the Harvey Gantt Center in Charlotte, NC for an event to kick that in motion.



Queen Cleopatra ft Dre’ Rock [HQ]
Produced by Demario Mcilwain (MADD BLACKMAN) & Isreal Dease (IS HE REAL). This QUEEN CLEOPATRA track will move you in your seat. Combined with the smooth lyrical flow of DRE’ ROCK…..We had to give you a preview of what is to come!!! Recorded in the BLACK LAB/ IMA RECORDS 2011 for the upcoming album Queen Cleopatra “:Reclaiming My Name”
Length: ‎2:30


KYLE JASON; SOMETHING THAT MATTERS ..No question the baddest SOUL! Album Out right NOW

As for our affiliated artists, please support our unbelievable brother KYLE JASON ON HIS LATEST ALBUM and fascinating SOUL journey called SOMETHING THAT MATTERS. In the Words of one writing supporter on AMAZON “Something That Matters” by Kyle Jason, this album is described as the missing link to better health and well being to our nation. Enough said , do not hesitate to get this record Contact Information: Visual Media Manager: 33.3 International Group L.L.C

“Something That Matters”, “There’s No Excuse”, “Poison To The People” and “The Great Divide” examine how our past and our behaviors affect our future. “My Son” and “Africa’s Root” allows us to evaluate where we’ve come from, how we should treat each other and gives us an estimation as to how a parent child relationship should be. Advice: it’s “Never Too Late” for a “Second Chance” if you seek truth and take it “Straight No Chaser”. The “Prescription” is one single dose of truth and a “Butterscotch Kiss”. That will take you to “Paradise” and there will be “No Need To Speak”

SCROLL and ROLL on SLAMTV Videos,Concerts and Documentaries Streamed Webcasts

Also On SLAMTV Make It Funky Story Of New Orleans –GetUp Stand Up Documentary —CREW GRRL ORDER -WHO AM I Video—CU NEXT WEEKEND, All She Really Wants -video

SLAMradio to emerge Wednesday nights on ENEMY RADIO and the new

Go HERE for SLAMradio on for non stop songs


Singles by the baNNed and Khari Wynn Download FREE!

During the Public Enemy rehearsals new members of the baNNed , the Dirty Drummer T-Bone Motta and the legendary Davy DMX meshed and mashed with Khari Wynn and DJ LORD on this PE classic. Overseen by DJ Johnny Juice, a sign of great things to come as the baNNed look to open with their own set in South America, the USA and UK in SEPT 2011.

Prodigal guitarist Khari Wynn of the baNNed returns with his Energy Disciples collective of far reaching sonic scientists with this introduction to the album out now from the ENERGY DISCIPLES album UNIVERSE, SACRIFICE, PURPOSE (CLICK to Buy Album from CD BABY) . This is the transfer of energy sonically from the core of the soul to realm of new dimensions beyond the boundaries of understanding…


The baNNed instrumental album on ‘Nations’ coming…

Johnny Juice is just finishing up the new offering from the baNNed “It’s Back To A Million Of Us To Hold A Nation.” A collection of instrumental renditions of Public Enemy’s “It Takes A Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back.”

the baNNed… the PUBLIC ENEMY LIVE touring rhythm section of Khari Wynn, former members Brian Hardgroove and Micheal Faulkner have assisted in this unique Johnny Juice produced album.

New members DAVY DMX and T BONE Motta have already recorded a instrumental version of SOPHISTICATED’ available on download below;


Some Very Specific albums coming from SLAMjamz


Songs from The QUIET ARRANGEMENT Various Artists

The first compilation from the collected songs from SLAMjamz 10 years

Chuck D as Mistachuck Brings The Noise on this recording



The acapellas were originally released for the groundbreaking world remix project for the PE Revolverlution album in 2001. DJ Spooky seized the opportunity to address the USA one sided policy on immigration in the state of Arizona with his powerful music approach. Spooky also smashed a couple of versions of Brothers Gonna Work it Out as well.

To show everybody how the world moves and turns today Here’s is the Vigilante Remix straight from Chile where PE is performing end of July 2011. This is actually marking the beginning of the releasing of many acapellas across the Planet Earth to end up as free downloaded Public Enemy material from world contributors here on SLAMjamz.

SLAMjamz is looking for the next innovative artist that can make an impact on the WORLD. Do you know of someone? Or is that someone you? Please send EPK’s and Demos to
Likeus on Facebook “SLAMjamz Records” and Follow us on Twitter “SLAMjamz Records”.


FOR SLAMjamz STAFF and Contacts


CHUCK D Comissioner
JOHNNY JUICE President General Manager
C-DOC Production Manager & Video Operation
STUDDAHMAN Digital Media Manager/A&R-International
RICO PAYSOS Social Network Mole & CyberStreet Team

“SLAMjamz Records created in 1996 was designed simply to serve the uncompromising expression of Hip-Hop based music in general,” said Chuck D. “Any particular style of playing and vocalization which represents an authentic way of musical feeling is genuine expression. By virtue of its significance in place, time, and circumstance, it possesses its own tradition, artistic standards and audience that will keep it alive. Starting as a licensing company, moving early into the online world and finally as a physical distributor worldwide, SLAMjamz varied approach is essential to the development of global urban acts.

Hip-Hop, therefore, is expression and communication, a musical and worldwide social manifestation, and SLAMjamz Records is concerned with identifying its impulse, be it with the option of varied sonic formats, not sensational and commercial adornments. SLAMjamz to present this to the world as a true 21st Century Recording Label..”

The SLAMjamz Digital Company Of Recordings ,The 21st Century Multimedia Label a Division of SLAMmedia INC.
Digital Distribution by ,


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