Classic ThrowBack: Public Enemy’s First Official Video RARELY Seen 1987

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Public Enemys 77th Tour Visits Its 77th Country in JULY ; CHILE!

Click HERE To Check This AMAZING Story from Brisbane Australia

Public Enemy completed its 77th Tour and visited its 77th nation , capping off with a explosive dynamic performance in Santiago Chile. Primarily known as a town of Rock music , the RED BLACK and GREEN Machine set down with hiphop organization RED DE HIPHOP ACTIVISTA and Guerrillero KULTO who was featured in Loira Limbals documentary on Latin American rap, ESTILO HIP HOP.

The group met with many of the HIPHOP founders and movers in CHILE, A nation that recently put 800,000 people in the streets of Santiago protesting for better education just a month earlier.

The 2 1/2 hour concert was met with tremendous energy and passion , it reminded members of the first times playing in Belgrade Serbia-Montenegro eight years ago and most recently South Africa just last December


The Rest Of TOUR77 Hits USA TOUR78 In UK SEPT Dates;

77 countries and 77 Tours in 25 years for Flav, Chuck and Crew

Saturday August 13 Sound Academy Toronto, CA
Thursday August 18 TAO Nightclub Las Vegas
Friday August 19 Regency Ballroom San Francisco
Saturday August 20 Sunset Strip Music Fest West Hollywood
Sunday August 21 Soul Fest @ Dell East Philadelphia


Saturday Sept 03 Electric Picnic Stradbally Hall Estate, Ireland
Sunday Sept 04 Cardiff Great Hall Cardiff, UK
Monday Sept 05 HMV Institute Birmingham, UK
Tuesday Sept 06 ABC Glasgow, UK
Wednesday Sept 07 Ritz Manchester, UK
Thursday Sept 08 Forum London
Friday Sept 09 Bestival 2011 Isle of Wight, UK


Chuck D GWIZ Team To Advise Industry Of Swag On NOTICE (Know This)

Mistachuck Also Supporting Independent College Radio WRVU

Chuck D of Public Enemy has released a new single, on his 51st birthday no less, which turns out to be a gift to all of us.

Taking inspiration from “Otis”, the new single from Jay-Z and Kanye West, the hard rhymer couldn’t help but feel like they weren’t using their platform to their best ability. A fan of both emcees, Chuck encourages all artists to make the most of their time on the mic and to include substance for the masses.

So as a “request to our rap heroes” Chuck D hooked up with producer Gary G-Wiz to craft a brand new track entitled, “NOTICE Know This” which is now available for free download at

Chuck D makes a respectfully call to the troops across the globe, to continue to inspire, but to reflect the people better. As he states himself, “Here’s to hoping that the Jay-Z & Kanye supergroup can elevate the masses and try a little bit more to reflect OTIS’ heart, rather than swag, because they’re too good to be less.”

Catch NOTICE video on YOUTUBE Click Pic


James Norman PE Communications Department

Longtime Public Enemy founding member James Norman will helm the aspect of PE Communications,a necessary department connecting into social media and the BTNE Internetwork which hosts and its related sites.

Brother James has been part of the PE infrastructure for its entirety, after retiring the position of S1W and management for the group.This department will connect the where and do abouts of the the vast PE spread and make all news consolidated for PE News and related sites.


PE Sings Happy 70TH Birthday to George Clinton

In Sao Paulo BRAZIL Flavor Flav and Chuck D sang a funky 70th happy birthday to funkfather George Clinton, twice. One at breakfast and the other before the Mothership landed blowing the house down at the SAO Paulo BRAZIL Festival at the tail end of TOUR77 on Saturday JULY 23.


Professor Griff with Brother James, Johnny JUICE Head Up The NME SUN Project

Professor Griff has helmed to produce the special project of featuring the offspring of Public Enemy. It is comprised of the Sons of PE members from across 25 years.

The project also managed by Brother James Norman and co produced by DJ Johnny JUICE Rosado,plans to approach the latter generation with a new young consciousness


the baNNed Opens PE Shows with CLASSIC Material

Click HERE for the baNNed ‘SOPHISTICATED’

Taking a page from SIR George Clinton and his Parliament Funkadelic Tour Experience, the baNNed and its new super funky stealth sounding lineup is starting a 10-15 minute warmup set playing instrumental classic PE songs that will most likely never be performed LIVE. This idea was taken from PFUNKS opener set from the past several years cqlled the Children Of Production, which included guest appearances doing the non set PFUNK songs.

The baNNed cohesion with HipHop legend DAVY DMX on bass, and TBONE Motta aka the Dirty Drummer have complemented prodigal guitarist KHARI WYNN and DJ LORD into a whole new zone. the baNNed recently was recorded in rehearsal tracking the PE classic SOPHISICATED which is also a quirky video found here. The previous baNNed lineup still has a pending album coming on SLAMjamz getting final mixes on ITS BACK TO A MILLION OF US TO HOLD A NATION a instrumental version of IT TAKES A NATION TO HOLD US BACK. The former is being produced by baNNed 5th member DJ JOHNNY JUICE ROSADO its emerging soon on SLAMjamz Records


Dont Believe The HYPE! PE Gives The True Origin Of The Planking Thing, But Save s It For The Stage.

CLICK Here as Its Explained In PE News


“By The Time I Get To Arizona” the first fine art release from Chuck D.

This is the first fine art release from Chuck D. Teaming with Los Angeles creativity house SceneFour, “By The Time I Get To Arizona” is a unique project on canvas of which 300 drafts exist. All pieces in the series are 60″ x 30″, numbered and signed, and ship with authenticity certificates. Each canvas in the series is $500.00 and can be purchased outright or through a payment plan with no interest charged to the purchase.


CHUCK D Seriously Doubts If You’ve Really Checked These Videos OUT!

I say this because I get it coming at me everyday where ever I go, yo..Chuck when you coming out with your next album?

We are in the mass information age, internet, cableTV, satellite, and now pocket programming has saturated everything and anything at all time coming at one brain.

So I understand easily how one could miss the last 15 years of our last 25 , if we’ve been spread around the world and definitely ain’t waiting for U.S.A mass network media to expose our art.

We are not robots and don’t encourage human beings to be robots either. Dig it manually click on the pics to take you to YOU TUBE and to get some sight and sound you might’ve missed…

PEace and resPEct

Chuck D



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BRING THE NOISE PE First Official Video RARELY Seen 1987

This Is Officially PEs very first video shot in London 1987 by Dominic Savage

PE Visits CEELO GREEN on Lay It Down 2011

PE gets the stage and the couch with Ceelo Green and his amazing show 2011

PE- Cant Truss It / Shut Em Down LIVE on SOUL TRAIN 1991

PE Hits the DON and requests moment of silence for Miles and Redd

Say It Like It Really Is and Other Public Enemy YOUTUBE videos HERE


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“When you define yourself, you are going to put out the best from your community. But when your enemies define you, and they control the media, they are going to make you look like a monster and broadcast this image abroad.”
– Malcolm X
El Hajj Malik Shabazz Born Day MAY 19TH

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