Digital Waxx 2.0 | Ghostra Nostra | Move Along

Artist(s): Ghostra Nostra
Title: Move Along
Producer(s): Ghostra Nostra
Time: 2:22
Label: GQ Empire Records
Album: New Album “HI-FASHION” In Stores Now!!!!!
Available Versions:
  • Ghostra Nostra – Move Along (Dirty)
  • Ghostra Nostra – Glowin (Dirty)
Ghostra Nostra’s music fills a void that is missing in the music industry currently, and provides enough ego trips for the new bred of skinny jeans. The art in which this music is created will make any listener turn his sound system up. The way Ghostra Nostra emcees take control of the beat and provide imagery, consistent flow, and conscious rhymes is incredible. Ghost da Don’s production is of professional caliber and is an entity unto itself. Ghostra Nostra’s music is filling the void that is missing in the music industry currently. Authenticity and passion for ones craft is often over looked but when mixed with skill is a lethal combination. Many listeners should feel cheated when they hear what is currently on the radio nationwide. Music enthusiasts feel like they are being brainwashed into accepting low-level, nursery bars with a catchy hook. GQ Empire music is here; if you feel that you want quality music and are tried of the same old music. Please stay tuned. GQ Empire and Ghostra Nostra are supplying your musical demands. I challenge you real Hip-Hop heads to tune in.
Label Contact Information:
Drops, Interviews, Bookings
Phone: (443) 622 – 4358


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