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RAH DIGGA ; There Isn’t A Shortage Of Female MC’s

The Great RAH DIGGA peep her song MADE MC Here

The media is largely responsible for women artists not receiving exposure.
“There are tons of females out there rapping. Everyone seems to look to the glamorous side of the females rapping but I think the media can control what females get exposure.


CMG of The Conscious Daughters SHEmovement Interviews Parts 1 & 2

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CMG of The Conscious Daughters breaks out on the solo tip and sits down with us for an exclusive interview about her new album The Jane Of All Trades…

CMG Interview Pt. 1

CMG Interview Pt. 2


CAMAY is a BROOKLYN NY indie hip-hop artist and songwriter.

CAMAY is a BROOKLYN NY indie hip-hop artist and songwriter. She prides herself, in being able to write to any style of music.

Lyrics that the INTELLIGENT music lover will definitely appreciate official web site Ghost of Christopher Wallace video u can watch on her profile page

CLICK and watch CAMAY video / Ghost Of Christopher Wallace


Suga-T currently completing her Best of Both Worlds LP

Hear one verse of SUGA T song WOMAN here

Suga-T currently completing her Best of Both Worlds LP, . “Woman” is her new first single off the album, which can be seen on her profile page it’s blessing to present the importance of a woman to the world. Women play a major part in our lives, and without a woman no one would be here.

No matter how unimportant those are trying to make one feel by not giving a woman her well deserved, thankless props, a woman is the ultimate root to all things living.





Tijana bASS-Slovenia

EL JAY WIX-Netherlands

Eternia & Moss featuring Termanology & Reef The Lost Cauze – At Last

Eternia is Toronto,Canadian fire on the MIC. Her rapid command and style go hand and hand with her commitment to the HipHop craft. Eternia has teamed up with Nomadic Wax to create a college workshop (“Trusting Your Struggle / Finding Your Voice”), targeting women studies programs throughout the north east.

Eternia’s album, “At Last,” was featured in DJ Premier’s Top 20 Albums of 2010, was nominated for “Rap Recording of The Year” at the 2011 Juno Awards, Polaris Music Prize, Indie Awards & Eternia is currently nominated for “Female Artist Of The Year’ at the 2011 UMAs

Eternia’s most recent music video, “To The Future,” which we released in conjunction with “Kids Help Phone” (Canada’s leading youth counseling service). The vulnerability and transparency of the song has lead countless women to speak out and was featured on MTV News.





SASHA / Adara

Scroll to check Out SASHA The RAP Queen Of Nigeria and Adara


SUGA T / Woman

Scroll to check Out SUGA T / Woman



Scroll to check Out DINAHSTY / Get UP


SLAMjamz SHEdigital CREW GRRL ORDER & Tijana bASS Makin Noise!

Crew Grrl Order is staying fresh and current while making important meaningful strides together and individually. The single GO SLOW WHOA is a download looking to bring attention to a Health initiative headed by Dr Olajide Williams at Harlem Hospital. The HIP HOP HEALS Project was unbowed last month with many representatives and dignitaries involved into blending the uses of HIP HOP culture and entertainment to making the black and Latino communities better aware of diet alternatives. CGO is still aiming their ‘FIRST LADY’ song tribute dedication to Mrs Michelle Obama reviewed by the WHITE HOUSE Lady Payn is currently working on a solo album. She is also launching her Non Profit Organization S.H.E. Ministries (Strength, Healing, and Encouragement.) She is also working on her group homes and transitional homes as well. Retina is working on her solo album as well as performing all along the East Coast! Cleo Jones just launched the Queen Cleopatra Jewelry Collection this week at Atlanta’s Americasmart. Her solo CD release date is July 16 and she will be performing at the Harvey Gantt Center in Charlotte, NC for an event to kick that in motion.

Tijana bASS Face Of Freedom video has reached a small accomplishment in the world of indie labels. In just one month time of its release to the public Ms.Tijana Bass has become the first SLAMjamz records artist to have reached 30,000 YouTube views and climbing. Tijana would like to thank her manager Sean StuddahMan De Vore,Chuck D her mentor,Kaly Kolonic her PR agent, David Burk the FOF video director and Johnny Juice Rosado the President of SLAMjamz and the entire staff for doing what people said couldn’t be done. If life and everything was easy to obtain, then we wouldn’t have the wants and desires to work hard at something..PEace


CHECK OUT HIP HOP QUEENZ With RAVEN THE BLAZIN EURASIAN Friday Nights 8P -1OP AndYouDontStop! WBAI 99.5 NYC and ARCHIVED on on your Phones , Pads, Androids, Laptops, ETC. CLICK logo below..

CHECK OUT HIP HOP QUEENZ With RAVEN THE BLAZIN EURASIAN Friday Nights 8P -1OP AndYouDontStop! WBAI 99.5 NYC and ARCHIVED on on your Phones , Pads, Androids, Laptops, ETC. CLICK logo below..

Contributor Content Producer; The Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival/BodegaTV Twitter



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