Young Dane: “SEEIN’ SIDEWAYS” – Seeking Airplay & Interviews

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  1. Young Dane: “SEEIN’ SIDEWAYS”

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Young Dane the son of HipHop legend and icon Dana Dane was
born in the Fort Greene area of Brooklyn. He resided in Virginia,
Houston and LA before settling down in Yonkers, NY with his
mother. As a student of Lincoln high school, Young Dane joined
theater and excelled as an actor in many school plays some of which
he assisted in writing and revising with his acting teachers.

Like so many children born into the HipHop generation Dane was
exposed to the music and culture at a very young age. At the age of
twelve Young Dane wrote and recorded his first song with a
classmate. It was natural. From then on unbeknownst to his father
Young Dane continued writing and reciting raps. Dane says “My
dad I had no idea I was into making music and rapping like I do, he
was really surprised to find out I could sing as well.” Dane’s singing
will be a key to his success. Multi talented artist such as Kanye West,
Pharrell, Drake, Diggy Simmons, Chris Brown and more who
incorporate their own singing vocals on to their own rap tracks are
the most successful in the industry today.

Young Dane has discovered his voice and is set to release his debut
Mix Tape album “Adventures of the Flawed Dreamer: Escape from
Apathy”. Young Dane states,” This collection of songs were inspired
and influenced by such artists as Nas, Slick Rick, A Tribe called
Quest, Mos Def, and Lupe Fiasco amongst others. His inspiration for
the Mixtape comes from an introspective angle, speaking on inner
feelings derived from his experiences in life. Combining his
knowledge of theater with music, Young Dane plans to split the
Mixtape into five acts. Each act is to display and transition the story
of “Escape from apathy” creating a world within the music.

Young Dane is steadily carving his own artistic design into the fabric
of the Hip Hop culture.


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