Repost: That’s Some Bullshit: KE on the Track

We are re-posting this story now because there will be a followup to this within the next 10 days.
I received a curious phone call the other day.

I was taking a call from an unsigned artist, Braddy Tha Hustla, CEO of GBU Entertainment, from Macon Georgia in reference to doing an eblast and online profile on the site. Brady is currently pushing a single entitled “Cash 3/Cash 4”. To listen to the music or watch the unofficial video, click HERE.
During our initial conversation he mentioned a few issues that he was having with a producer that is not doing good business. I was floored to find out that the producer in question was KE on the Track. After hearing his side of the story, going over all documents, emails and text, I expressed to Braddy that I would do the online blast and profile for free if he would not mind telling his story to the masses. So here we are.

I don’t mind exposing BS when I see it, as expressed here from a previous post.
Apparently, Braddy entered into a contest that was put together and initiated via Soulja Boy, SODMG and his camp. The premise of the contest was, Soulja put out a series of beats and dropped a verse for the lyrics and he wanted other entertainers to come up with something different. The tracks that Soulja put out were produced by KE on the Track. To my knowledge, it was completely within the rules to advertise and market yourself with the material provided.
…fast forward to now.
Braddy apparently liked the version of the song that he put together and upon soliciting it to various outlets, quite a few other industry people liked it too. So Braddy contacted KE in reference to the beat. Braddy went into negotiations with KE for the sole purpose of buying the beat and then soliciting the track to radio outlets, labels, etc…in an effort to further gain an audience.
Somewhere in the negotiations, 


Braddy sent KE the initial deposit for the track, KE stopped communicating immediately. (CLASSIC HUSTLE MOVE) I can confirm the negotiations and the contracts because Braddy produced all of the written literature, emails and text that were sent between himself and KE.

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I also attempted to contact KE with absolutely NO response. I at least wanted him to give his side of the story but there was ZERO communication coming back.

The emails that were used were and

So now, Braddy Tha Hustla is now out of an initial deposit for a track that he went into a legal binding agreement with, with a very well known, respected and successful producer.
You guys know that I hate BS and I expose it when i see it.
This is some bullshit.
What? Does KE think that just because Braddy is unsigned he can take money from him. It doesnt matter the amount, as an independent artist, they struggle to build their brand on a daily basis, so when funds are not used for the purpose that they are allocated, the will be setbacks. This is a horrible look.
How many other people has this happened to?
Do we need to fill out a RipOffReport on KE?
Is this the type of business practices that KE is used to?
This site does not tolerate this type of behavior. The industry is shady enough but when someone does this type of behavior and acts as if there is no recourse, it upsets me; and I hope it upsets you too.
Artist, stop working with KE.
Fans, if it says produced by KE on the Track, don’t buy it.
Show him and people like him that we do not tolerate bad business.
(we will be putting together a video with all of the documents soon)

Braddy Tha Hustla Links:


**The words and comments expressed in this article are from the CEO of Hip Hop Encounter Media Group, just so we are clear**

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