DJ J-Boogie “Shut It Down Live” (Club Space Florence, Italy)


DJ J-Boogie

“Shut It Down Live”

(Club Space Florence, Italy)


Video footage of DJ J-Boogie deejaying in Club Space in Florence, Italy. It is the biggest club in Florence holding 800 people and DJ J-Boogie SHUT’S IT DOWN!

My love for hip-hop started at a young age.I remember the first time i heard the song paid in full by Eric B and Rakim and i was hooked .There is something about Deejaying that brings a sense of freedom to my life.I find that seeing people dancing to the beat and the songs that im spinning is more powerful than any movement on earth.Because at that point in time its doesnt matter what kind of day you had,what color you are or how old you are its all about the music that US the Deejays are spinning.Im currently at a small venue in pisa italy where i spin on thursday nights.Im trying to bring real hip hop and r&b to a area that likes it but that is not sure about it.So i bring my distinct sound and flavor to Italy to make a difference in someones life who would normally sit at home on thursdays night.I joined the DJ League for two reasons the first being to blend with my fellow DJ and to learn the tools of the trade a little better.So I am asking for all of you DEEJAYS to embrace me and let me come work with you . The distance doesnt matter we are both here for the same thing to be the Masrters of the mix…My moto is one thing….One DJ One love..”HIP-HOP”


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