THA 1 “FREAKIN” 355 Entertainment

THA 1 “FREAKIN” Starting to HEAT UP the Southeast Clubs!

Born and raised in North Carolina,Tha1 is a Hip Hop artist and CEO of 355 Entertainment. Starting his rap career at the age of 16 he formed the group Carolina Villanz with Childhood friends Novaman and Symphony. After churning out four albums the Carolina Villianz made a name for themselves through landing the number one single on local radio station 101.1 The group was sought after by several record and production companies. After several disappointments the group dismantled and Tha1 went on to release his first solo project Block Burna. The mixtape sold units through out the south.
With the pressures of life Tha1 strayed from the music scene and into the streets where hustling drugs became a way of life. Tha1 soon realized that music provided better options for his future. In 2009 Tha1 once again joined forces with Novaman to create the street album Double Penetration. Which was released in 2010 independently. Now Tha1 is re-launching his solo career and label 355 entertainment with the release of his single “Freakin” produced by childhood friend Symphony. With experience, knowledge and a strong team behind him Tha1 is poised to make his mark in the rap and hip hop industry.
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