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With Atlanta filled with one hit wonders, rappers who portray lives they never lived and industry gangsters, the streets needed something new, something real; they needed Chicko. Chicko, born Lavell McDew on August 16,1983 from East Atlanta, Georgia – Kirkwood to be exact – is one of Atlanta’s hottest new breakthrough rap artists. Considered by many local and national fans to be one of the realest lyricists out of the south since Outcast, T.I., UGK, and Jeezy. Chicko’s music speaks directly from the heart of the streets, expressing real life pain and emotion through his words.

Chicko speaks the truth in his music; he brings life into his tracks, by testifying his experiences. While listening to his words, you can feel life in the streets of not only Atlanta but every hood, ghetto and project around the country. Chicko represents everybody trying to making it, hustling to survive, pushing and grinding until the last dollar is made.

After turning to the streets and a life of hustling at the age of 14, Chicko was arrested for trafficking cocaine in 2002 and served 42 months in prison. Shortly after his release, Chicko was arrested again and convicted to 26 months in 2007 for possession with intent. After returning home in 2009, Chicko returned back to his hustle but in a totally new way. Thinking about his family, who means the world to him, Chicko decided to follow the footsteps of his favorite rappers; 50 Cent, Tupac, Biggie and anyone else who stood strong for what they believed, and give the streets the voice they were asking for.

Changing his life wasn’t enough. Chicko wanted to change the image of everybody in the streets by showing the world what it means to be a hustler.”Hustling isn’t just a word – it’s a way of life. With a life filled with ups and downs, who could better represent what it meant to give your life, your all, and do whatever it takes to survive by any means necessary.” After hitting the streets with his first mixtape, Stamped N vol. 1 w/ Dutty Laundry and receiving so much love from the clubs, streets and DJs, it was official. The streets were crying out and Chicko had answered their call. With that said, the second mixtape Da Jungle w/ DJ Shabazz was a must! Also, coming soon is the debut album and independent film No Pressure. Chicko is here now and the rap game will never be the same.

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