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Good morning everyone.




i am very excited to share with you my very first music video to my song titled “Black Out”.




“Blackout” is the story of a young couple experiencing a huge transition in there relationship. The story begins with a couple who finds love within one another, yet this love progresses rapidly. Dealing with all the problems society throws at couples in time, our female lead (Tianna) has a change of heart and decides that this relationship isn’t for her. She pulls out damaging Dony’s reputation and destroying his image with a lie. Dony resents Tianna for the sudden turmoil and declares his innocence in spite of the false evidence. Tianna then realizes that Dony is the love of her life but knows that she destroyed any chance of a reconnection in the future. Tianna caused everything to simply ‘Black Out.”



this music video is forthcoming to my album called “Man Or machine” which will debut September 2011


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David Alan…………..Director

Shomari Wilson…..Music Producer

Tianna Atwood……Actress/ Love Interest/ Makeup Artist

Que Burdette………Choreographer

Joe Joe Smith…….Dancer

Adrian Thompkins….Dancer


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